Sunday, October 31, 2010


Well Halloween has came and almost gone. Here are a few pics of 2 of my 3 granddaughters.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


This is what I envision Heaven would bee like today. My Daddy and Scott sitting on the creek bank fishing. 11 years ago today my Daddy died. He greeted Scott with open arms in February, he had his fishing buddy home with him.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Just another Late Friday NIght I mean early Saturday Morning

Hello friends. I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful colors of Fall. I just wish it wasn't the prelude to Winter. I dislike Winter. But if you have been following this blog for awhile, you already know that. I don't do winter very well. I cleanned out a hall closet today. which was much way over due. How do people collect so much junk? But today amongst my finds, I came across many many wonderful treasures. God knew I needed to visit with these treasures again. Unfortunately, years ago when we moved into this house, 20+ years ago, I stored some boxes in the basement, with intentions of unpacking them as soon as we got settled in. Like I said unfortunately, we didn't know that the basement would leak. So the treasures I found, got damaged somewhat years ago. Of course I still saved them, after all they were treasures, well at least to me they are treasures. I found Mother's Day Cards made by my 3 beautiful, wonderful sons, when they were just little boys. I cried over each and every one of them, and reminiscenced about when they were little, and life was perfect. But now there is an empty spot in my heart. There was a special message in these for me today. God knew, way back 32 years ago that this day would come, and I would need this special little message from Scott. Till I can get it professionally matted and framed, I put it in one that I found, where else, but in the same hall closet. I will hang it in my craft room, it will be my reminder, of a request a little boy made of his mother so many many years ago. My eyes sting, my heart pounds so hard as I write this blog. But there is a smile underneath. Of course Miss Nosey Pants had to investigate the "new" thing that I was making such a fuss over, she is of course jealous, because I wasn't grooming her. *wink*

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Beautiful Fall Day

We learned this week that my baby sister has lymphoma. Please put her on your prayer list. I needed to do something crafty to help me out with my feelings after hearing the news. I made a trip to Staples and found a leather notebook that I liked. I decided that she needed something to help her keep all her apts, doctor's names and numbers and most of all a journal to write about "her journey" . I divided the pages into 3 categories., with page dividers. The journal, the calendar, and addresses. On each journal page I put an inspirational quote. I added a place for her to put her address in case she was to misplace it. The calendar pages have a front and back. The front page, list each day and the back has the whole month at a glance with a picture of a bird. (she loves to feed the birds). I attached some ribbons, to use as book markers. I also included a personal message on one page. Then I found a lined basket to put it in, along with the extra pages. I added some tissue, a tag and made it into a JOY basket. Please keep her in your prayers as she starts this "journey".

Saturday, October 2, 2010


HAPPY FALL to all of my friends. It definitely felt like Fall this morning. It was 48 degrees. Honestly, I am not ready for Fall, just because I know Winter follows all too quickly. Picking up on a writing that Donna at Butternut Sage had written, I too am in the Fall/Autumn of my life. So in my own life, Winter will follow in the near future. But Fall is full of beautiful colors, so maybe that will mean, I will see many beautiful things in the Fall of my own life. Let's hope for that. Donna has an easy sketch this week. This will be the first time I have entered one of her sketches. Maybe it is time for me to do new things, so I will start with an "easy" one. I used some scrap Mulberry Paper that I had laying around, ribbon from the top of my desk that had been there a good while and a sentiment stamp from Inkadinkado. Thanks for visiting and please go visit Donna at Butternut Sage, she has such wonderful things to share. I found her because of the most beautiful tied ribbons, that she gave a tutorial on. Tell her that her NC friend told you to visit. Also visit her at

Here is her sketch.

Here is my version.