Monday, November 22, 2010

Ear Flap Hats

Seems like the big thing this year for winter wear around here in NC is the hats with earflaps. I crochet one for my granddaughter and thought about crocheting my husband Allan one, but really there is no need to.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Saturday and friends

Saturday was a good day. I went to Marilyn's house that lives about an 1 3/4 hours away. I rode with Melonie, a friend of 25 years. She was having a Stampin-Up party, so I attended my first "party" or "class" which ever you would like to call it. Dacia Smith was the demonstrator. We made a Christmas tag and a Christmas card. And Marilyn shared lots of homemade goodies to eat. We had a fabulous time. Melonie and I stayed long after the demonstration was over. We had lots of catching up to do. Pat did you and Donna's ears burn yesterday. We talked about both of you and your talents.

Friday, November 12, 2010

For Valda & Eileen

It was hinted to me this week that I needed to update my blog. So Valda & Eileen here you go. I found this metal mirror thingey at a local small store. It had been 30 dollars, but because the mirror was broken, it was marked down to 5. Of course that ever present, but nearly dim light bulb went on over my head. My son, Darrin has a bedroom that half my house would fit into. The wall behind his bed is "naked". The bed itself is a poster bed. not real big, but still posts at the headboard. I transformed the broken mirror into a place to put his last initial. Using the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge and my Cricut, I cut the letter G out and then layered it on some patterned paper. If it had been for a woman, I would have added more bling, but this is the way Darrin will like it best. 1 Christmas present finished, just about a gazillion to do yet. The last picture is for Eileen. It is another picture of Miss Flossie Mae investigating the new project. She really is a a cutie isn't she?
P.S. Eileen, I have installed new dead bolts on my doors and windows.