Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The house is quiet, DH and Flossie Mae have both gone to bed. I'm in my little space (I don't even allow Flossie Mae in here) and I am listening to it rain. Rain to me is a very comforting sound. I may feel different in the morning when I have to get out in it to go to work. I have been working on Pat's and Heather's challenges tonight. I have been bad, and let other household chores go unattended tonight. Well, Saturday will be here, and I would just have to do it again Saturday anyway. This is a card I made last week, I think the sentiment is the definition of a FRIEND. I hope you will take a minute and hop over to Pat's blog and see what arrived in the mail today from Heather. Pat sure has a very talented daughter. Thanks for spending some time at my place today.

Not these!!!

I have been trying to work on ideals for my Christmas cards. I did these two last week. I have left them laying here to look at. I have definitely decided that I don't like them and they will be thrown away. The more I looked at them the more I disliked them. So back to the drawing board for this year's card. The red poinsettia on the white card looks like it is sitting on a mason jar seal. What a hoot that is!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend is Over

It sure was a short one, wasn't it.
Saturday night my sister in Boone had planned a weenie roast for our family. The place has a covered picnic area, a big fire pit, and a stream running beside it. They even supply fishing rods. The day started off raining and damp and we were afraid it wouldn't clear up but in the end the weather co-operated. It was still dampened though for my 8 year old grand-daughter, when she developed a migraine right before time to go. She wanted to brave it out and still go, but bless her heart she spent the entire evening in the vehicle trying to sleep off the headache. Her head was hurting so bad, that she got sick on her stomach 4 times.
When my sister invited us to this, I remembered a post that Nicole Heady made a couple of months ago. She had made individual bags with the ingredients for 2 smores, for all of her guest. I thought that was a good ideal, easier then everyone trying to break up the crackers and candy bars and stuff. This is my version of Nicole's inspiration.

Here are the pictures of my finished little bags.

Here are a few pictures from Saturday night.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

World Alzheimer's Day

September 21, was World Alzheimer's Day. Cammie at Myblog by Cammie is asking everyone to make a card for a caretaker of a person affected with Alzheimer's. You can send it to a caregiver that you know personally or send it to an address listed on her blog. She also has received a lot of donated blog candy from various individuals and companies to support this cause. Just a few companies to mention are Taylored Expressions, Unity Stamp Co. and Flourishes. Two individuals that donated are Sharon Johnson and Rose Ann Reynolds. Their creativity is awesome.

I am planning on sending my card to a friend that has been a caregiver for many years. She stayed with one elderly couple for over 5 years. She is faithful to each family, she stays with the same family till the very end. This job is not only a very demanding physical job, but a very emotional life style, there is only one outcome to this illness. Barbara Ann is my hero.

The card that I am sending to her is a very simple thank you card, just letting her know that she is appreciated and loved for all the extra things she does for her "extended families".

Pat's Saturday Night Challenge

Pat's Challenge
"Tonight we are going to do a layout using the masking technique.
A mask is the opposite of a stencil. Masks you buy are usually made from a flexible material has a lightly tacky backing so it will hold its placement as you paint or ink around it to create a unique background."

After reading that, I thought well I don't have a mask and don't even know how to begin. I kept reading over it again and again. I had no ideal what to make.
I had to go to Walmart to get some prescriptions, and passed this counter that had foam pumpkins and everything a kid would need to decorate them with, So, I purchased those for the grand girls. When I was unpacking all my bags, I thought well why not try one of them. I have been eying over and over this picture on my desk that was taken years ago of my oldest son's first Halloween.
I took a cream colored piece of card stock, and just laid the foam pumpkin down and sponged around it with bright orange. I moved it several times. I printed the pictures 2 times, and in one corner, I pasted a cutout of the same hat, that Scott had on in the picture. In the other corner was the jack-o-lantern that I cut out of the other picture. Thanks for looking. I enjoyed this challenge, I finally got to use those old snapshots. Notice the furniture, and the carpet, you will be able to just about guess what year it was. Yes, I admit, I had gold shag carpet, along with Coppertone appliances. Oh, those were the happy years.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Heather's Challenge

I was able to stay at home all weekend, so I got both Heather's and Pat's challenges finished way before they are due.

Heather's Spark for this week is to make a card using homemade "aged paper".

I have included pictures of my attempt at "aging paper" I sure didn't want to cheat like some others might, Pat. *wink*wink* I tried 3 different techniques, with 3 different outcomes. I ended up choosing the one "aged" with strong coffee. The one I inked came out way too dark. I then printed my picture onto the piece aged paper, cut it out leaving a narrow border of the aged paper showing. I then placed this on a layer of double sided paper by K&Company (Ancestry) that I got at Mine By Design this weekend. After that I pasted the whole thing on a card I made using the patterned side of the layered piece. I then cut out a piece of the aged paper and put it inside the card to stamp my sentiment on.

Make sure to go to the Mine By Design link, and watch the short video about her store. Jill has got her shoppe in one of Downtown, Lenoir's Historic buildings. She has kept everything the same and not modernized the shoppe. It gives it such a welcoming feeling when you enter the shoppe with the high ceilings and wood flooring.

Also, if you haven't done so yet, go to Pat's link and then click on the shops link on the left hand side. She has her shop really coming together. It's beautiful. Her Grand Opening is scheduled for Oct. 18th.

Thanks for letting me share this with you, and thank you Heather, for encouraging me to try a new technique with your challenge.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Linda

Well yesterday was actually her birthday, but I didnt get a chance to post it until today. I did get it in the mail on time though. I just used a butterfly I found by googling, cut it out twice, sit the top butterfly on a 3D dot, on top of the other one. I also put some little crystal beads on each dot of the butterfly. Hope everyone has a good weekend.


The new picture used in the header was taken between Blowing Rock and Lenoir, NC. I feel very blessed to have this kind of beauty at my fingertips. You can only imagine it when it is in full bloom with the colors of fall. Just to be able to pull off the side of the road and grasp the vastness of it, is overwhelming sometimes. I am very much in awe of this gift from God.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pat's Challenge

Pat's Saturday Night Challenge

Can you believe it is already Wed. and time is up for Pat's challenge. This week it was to: Thanksgiving isn't really that far away so I thought it might be fun to make a mini album/recipe book to have ready for the holiday.

I went ahead and made one about last year. I wanted to use last years pictures because my Mother was healthier.
Thanks for letting me share.

Another Gift - Heather's Challenge

Heather's challenge on Friday was to make something besides a card, so I came up with another Christmas gift.
This is a gift for Bill, the Father in Law of the friend that had her vow renewal at my house awhile back. My DH got this pic of them 2 together after the ceremony. I thought it was a special picture of both of them. You can see the love and respect in both of their faces. I just stuck the buttons and word on it. The picture frame has the picture positioned farther back then normal. The frame and picture looks better if you could see it in natural light.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Literally Eating Out of Your Hand

Several years ago my friend Jackie gave me this recipe, I hadn't made it in awhile. My sons needed a dessert to take to a family reunion, so I was going through recipes and when I saw this one, the memory of the moist, rich cake, made it a winner. So if you need some yard work done, gutters cleaned out, garbage taken out, etc, start them off with a piece of Apple Butterscotch Cake. They will be eating out of your hand.
The cake was warm, when I took the last picture, so it melted the whip cream, but you top it off with caramel sauce and whip cream. Luscious

Just a post script, Jackie has entertained the recording artist Eric Church with her good "home cooking" when he was in town for a concert. She is good.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Well the Weekend is over

Have all of you noticed how much shorter the days are getting already. Fall is sure advancing to fast for my liking. I enjoyed a very quiet weekend, I didn't leave the house either day. I did spend a little time in my little space of the house trying to get some creative juices to flow through my veins. I intended on making several Christmas gifts, but didn't get all completed like I wanted. I played around with Heather's and Pat's Challenges some too. Well it is back to work today, hope everyone has a good day.

This is a little birthday reminder book I made a friend for Christmas, I am going to work on all the out of town gifts first, so I'll have them ready to mail in time. The original book I found at Big Lots. I didn't like the cover on it, so I replaced it with some of mine, used a nestie to make a background for her initial. I added a ribbon, and beside her name I put a little lady bug. On the inside I added a few blings, and things. I will put some cards in the pockets of each month. I forgot to take a picture of that. Thanks for looking.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Just playing

You you ever think back to when you were young and carefree, and all you had to do is play, come in for meals, and keep your room clean. Those days are gone forever. The stamp I used for this card, brought back all those memories to me. I just used basic black and white on the whole card. Thanks for looking. I am looking forward tomorrow at 4 PM. The weekend is here and we can play all we want.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Heather's Challenge

This weeks challenge from Heather at One Little Spark, was to use one stamp multiple times. I used a basic leaf pattern and just stamped it onto white CS, using Burnt Sienna. I placed a piece of CS close to the same color as the Sienna on a white note card, then the stamped background,went on top of that. I used a smaller piece of the Sienna CS then topped it off with white CS with Happy Fall as the sentiment.
Supplies used: White CS,
Oak Stamp by Rubber Stamped
Color Box Burnt Sienna Fluid Chalk i=Ink
Happy Fall Stamp by Inkadinkado
Ribbon from Michael's Bargain Bin
We are having much needed rain and cooler temps are on the way for a couple of days, then back up to 90 for the weekend. I can't believe that fall is just around the corner. I just can't bear to think summer is almost over. I am not a happy camper in the dead of winter. Thanks for letting me share a little bit of my day with everyone.
Please remember the 911 victims and their families and friends today, as we go about our so called normal lives. The families and friends lives can never be normal again.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Name of Flower & Pat's Challenge

In Sunday's post I was asking for info on the above flower that was given to me. Richard Henley, graciously gave me the name. This is what he said, "The plant in the first picture is Obedient Plant (Physostegia virginiana). If you bend the stem it stays bent, hence obedient. It also is sometimes known as False Dragonhead." Thank you Dick, for that 2 year old question I have had. The link to his web page is www.daylilylane.com
This week Pat's challege had us framing something on our card. I used her example and used the rectangular nestie, and cut me out a frame. The little chicks were stamped on a white piece of CS along with the "chicks rule" sentiment. Then I put the white stamped piece underneath the red polka dotted frame. I previously had layered a plain white card with a piece of striped paper. I used the same red polka dot for the middle chick. Then just regular card stock for the other two and used the piecing technique on the chicks. I used little black twinkles for their eyes. I tried to use some different colored ribbon to make all the colors stand out and finished the bow off with a yellow button. I finished up by cutting down the ends of a little flower and attaching it to the larger chick, making a flower for her hair. Hope this one made you chuckle.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Kittens & Flowers & Sunday Morning

Good Sunday morning to everyone. I hope every one on the East coast has come through the storm, without much damage.
Yesterday, I spent the day cleaning, and also got visits from my older grand daughter and my younger sister. So you are assuming correctly, I did enjoy my Saturday.
I am sure you are thinking that there are other kittens in the world, and that I am carrying this picture taking a little to far. But I thought I would show you the latest picture of the new kitten. I have gotten several e-mails, asking about her. She has grown longer in the last week and 1/2. I hate to see her growing up so fast.
The next picture is of some "weeds" that a friend gave me about 2 years ago. That is what they called them, If they are weeds, they are the prettiest weeds I've have ever seen. They are perennials and multiply. I wish some of you could give me the name of them, as I have no ideal. The butterflies, hummingbirds and bees love them. That is what that black thing is- a large bumblebee.
The next picture is of some marigolds, and I know everyone grows marigolds. These are special. My DH's Mother passed away in Jan. of 2000. Just this past summer a little brown lunch bag was given to me. On the front was written marigolds. It was my MIL's handwriting. She had been sick several years before her death and had not had any flower beds. So these seeds are over 15 years old. I was so excited to see them bloom. I am gathering all the seeds to give to the other family members. That way she will live on through these flowers.
Just a post note - Flossie Mae is now in time out. (Laundry Room) I had a antique lace tablecloth on my dining room table, it and the vase of flowers just landed in a chair. Hurricane Hanna had already passed by NC, so the perpetrator had to be Ms. Flossie. *wink*wink*

Friday, September 5, 2008

A very special gift.

Yesterday I received a very special gift from someone that I do not know, but because of my special friend Janet, I received it. Most of you are aware of mine and Pat's friend, Emily, that was murdered December 05. Janet at the time was my neighbor, and she listened and understood the loss that I had. This murder devastated the little NC town that we live in. Her death brought out the worst and best of all of it's inhabitants. It divided communities, and friends, and churches. Janet, moved to Ohio, and we still remain close through emails. She had divided her daylilys and shared with me. I put them in Emily's memory garden which you can visit here: http://searchingforarainbow.blogspot.com/2008/07/happy-birthday-emily.html

A friend of Janet's is the owner of Poplar Creek Perennials, in Baltimore, Ohio Mr. Dick Henley very generously sent me the "Rose Emily" daylily for my garden.

The picture shows, the daylily in full bloom. It will bloom mid-summer next year. I am already wishing for winter to be over, and fall has not officially gotten here yet. Please visit Mr. Henley's web page, http://www.daylilylane.com/ and view some pictures of his beautiful daylilys, also let him know what a nice gesture he and Janet made. It will help me to always keep Emily's memory alive for all who visit my home.
Thank you Mr. Henley

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Something Simple

How many of you gals still have the pin cushion that you used in Home EC class? Mine is 40 years old, while some of you it hasn't been but maybe a year. Mine is this red tomato looking thing, with a strawberry thing hanging from it. It sure has served it's purpose all these years. I keep it in my sewing basket, that is also very old. Every time I needed to pin something that I was making, even a simple a task as pining a loose end on a spool of ribbon, I would have to get up and go to another room to get a pin. I came across this little terra cotta red pot, that had originally held a candle. It had served it's purpose and needed a new job. I filled it with some batting, covered it with a crochet doily, embellished it with a ribbon threaded through the doily, to gather it up. I then stuck these little sunflowers onto some pinheads, just to dress it up a little. I think it made a cute little pin cushion to keep on my workspace. Every one take care, especially the ones that live near the east coast, Hanna hasn't decided what route she is going to take yet. Thanks for letting me share with you.

Yes that is what you think it is in the background. Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Muffins.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Pat's Challenge

Since I had a three day weekend, I got to work on Pat's Challenge, thus getting it in a little earlier then normal. I'm usually just making the deadline on Wednesday night. About 3 weeks ago, My DH and myself (with a lot of help from a very special friend, Carolyn) had a surprise 40th anniversary for a couple. Well it was a surprise for her but I had to tell her husband. I decided this early Friday morning, which was just the day before the surprise. I did this after finding out on Friday night, when they were having dinner at my house, that he had a surprise for her, in the form of a new ring. Also the conversation at the table Thursday night, turned to my sister's 40th anniversary vow renewal and reception. My friend made the comment that she wished she had planned something like that. So got busy Friday morning, contacted her husband, a preacher a singer, and about 19 other people. Carolyn got the cake and picked up the flowers and all the other errands, while I was at work. On Saturday, I got stuff for the punch, made her bouquet and head piece. While my DH and myself took the couple out to eat, Carolyn and Becky came over and sit up the tables on my front porch and got all the food ready. I invited the couple back to my house for dessert, and when we walked in they all were hiding and then my husband turned on the lights and they yelled surprise. They had hid all the cars at my neighbors home. She was overwhelmed, but then when her husband told her that they were also going to renew their vows, she was actually speechless.
OK now to the challenge. Pat said "So how would you frame or display a special picture?? That, ladies, is tonight's challenge!! " After seeing her sample I knew there was no way, I could come up with anything as good as she had shown us. Making a quick trip to Big Lots on Saturday to get some odds and ends, I turned down the candle aisle which was a shortcut to the register. This candle holder was on a shelf sitting all to itself. Guess it was waiting on me. This is my answer to Pat's Challenge. Sorry for the length of post and so many pictures.

This turned out to be really a simple challenge. Plus I have what I think is a pretty momento of "their night" to give to them for a gift. All I had to do is take the little candle and it's frame off the candle holder and make a template to cut the photos by. After cutting the photos out using the template I inserted the photos down inside the holder, put the top back on, put one of those little battery operated tea lights down in it, and put a few embellishments on it. Sorry the photos aren't real clear, the reflection off of the glass messed with them. Again thanks Carolyn and Becky.

Ossie ---I mean Flossie Mae

Well what I thought was a little male kitten, has turned out to be a little girl kitten, so instead of Ossie we now have Flossie Mae. This is her latest picture. Of course I have the smartest little kitten ever born. *wink*wink* The house is quiet this morning, Flossie Mae even went back to sleep. I can look out my window in my little craft room and look straight in to the limbs of a old hemlock. Most mornings there are birds in it, and they are singing the prettiest melodies. Sometimes they look at me like they are doing the serenade just for me. Mornings like this, I do a lot of reflecting back. I think about old friends, new friends, loved ones that are no longer with me, and the newest little ones in my life.

I am way behind in my card sending. I tried to catch up this morning. I have addressed some belated birthday cards, and the best thing is, I have addressed all my birthdays and anniversaries for the month of Sept. So maybe I won't be too delinquent with this month's cards. The little first aid kit goes in one one of the little packages, along with some other things I've already shown. The little white container is one I found in my drawer that holds possible alterables. I do not even remember what was originally in it. Hope everyone has enjoyed their holiday weekend. Thanks for visiting.