Sunday, April 17, 2011


Donna challenged all us girls that had her BONNET template to blow the dust off of it and make ready for the Easter Parade. I have been working on a little gift list book for my Granddaughter. She has set her wedding date. August 27th is the big day. I am making the little book, for her to keep a record of all the shower gifts she gets. I used the leftover scraps from the little book to make my bonnet card. So here are the Bonnet and SHOWER gift book pictures. Thanks for dropping by.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Monday April 13, 1987

24 years ago on a Monday morning, Allan and I wed. Why a Monday morning, you ask. Well, a dear friend, (that I worked with) in a joking way, told Allan that we shouldn't mess up a good weekend, just wait till Monday. We followed his direction and had a little private ceremony at 11:00 on a Monday. Sadly, that dear friend passed away 2 years later. Every year on our anniversary, we always remember Rick and make a toast in his memory.

Our marriage has been so very blessed with friends. Some I brought into the marriage with me, some Allan brought, and some we gained together. These long time friends, new friends, even my cyber friends, is what has held us together this past year. Like I said at the beginning. Allan and I are blessed, with each other, beautiful family and special friends.

One special friend, surprised us this afternoon with a wonderful pound cake. Thank you, Carolyn, for this wonderfully delicious cake. No, I did not eat all that by myself, I've been good, I've just had 2 pieces tonight, but then the night isn't over yet is it?