Saturday, November 12, 2011


The answer..... Just enough for Nat's K-1 class. I made these for her to take to her class next week to hand out as a Thanksgiving treat. I found the template for these little cuties at

Laurie has other freebies that are also adorable. Please go visit with her. You will stay awhile if you do. The template is sized for the large regular size Hershey Bars. I scaled it down to fit a little .49 oz size bar. I think the teachers will thank me for that. ;) On the back I put a little sticker on it with Nat's name on it. In the picture I noticed I had some trimming to do, but you get the ideal of how cute they are. Well at least I think so. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. It in a beautiful fall day in the NC foothills. Thanks for visiting.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Where has the time gone?

I know it has been about 10 weeks since I posted. I have been busy, and busy with creative things, but my camera isn't cooperating like it should, so when I would want to post, I would get discouraged with the picture. So I would just walk away. But I have some exciting news I would love to share. I guess you can tell by the picture, that someone is going to have a baby. And of course you all know it isn't me. I have crocheted these little wash cloths for the little one. Don't know whether it is a boy or girl, so have to use the variegated colors till next month. I have printed so many crochet patterns off the Internet in the last week, and have hopes of doing all these little special items. I am going to be a Great-grandmother! And you are right, I'm not old enough to be a Great-grandmother. But really I am that old. My Grand-daughter Amber that got married back in the summer, shared this great news with us. She is due early summer. Anyone that really knows me, knows that I am ecstatic about this. I am like a child, I have no patience. I want it here now!!!. But then I wouldn't have time to make all my little projects would I? You can see a picture of Amber in the post before this one. As beautiful as she is, the baby has to be something special. But then that is the grandmother in me talking. *wink*