Friday, January 29, 2010

Guess who is 29

Happy Birthday to my BFF. Robyn at is 29 again. Have a great great day.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Nerve!!!!!

The nerve of those weather reporters!!!! They are giving a winter storm warning for Friday night into Saturday. I do not understand how "you all" Northerners can stand all the cold weather and snow. I am so ready for Spring already. One good sign is that we are making Valentine Cards, so then will come the St. Patrick's Day cards, then the Easter. And Easter means SPRING!
This week at Southern Breezes, Pat's challenge was to use a stamp that isn't a valentines stamp and utilize it as one. Her example is really cute. I used a little stamp I dug around in my stamps and came up with from Inkadinkadoo. This little country angel is holding a star balloon. I masked the star and substituted some little heart stickers, and added more balloon strings. I printed Happy Valentine's Day on photo paper and then layered it all together with 3-d dots. I usually do not show the insides of my cards, but I switched the inside and front sentiments, added a MS heart sticker that I glittered by sprinkling the glitter on the sticky side and then adhering it with a glue dot. That way I didn't have to get up and find my glue. ;) Thanks for letting me share and keep your fingers crossed that the weather people are wrong with their forecast.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Simply Friday

I could not think of a title for today's post, so Simply Friday will have to do. I can't believe it has been a week since posting. I am going to begin with Pat's challenge. She suggested that we make a multi-folded card. I chose to make a diamond fold. I found it at I did not put a sentiment inside because I don't know how I am going to use it. The next pictures are those of my sister and niece's birthday presents.The round one can hold a flame less candle. It has a hook on the back, so it can also be used as a wreath. The rectangular one, can either be a picture frame or a holder for the little candles. These buttons are from our mother's button jar. I also included pictures of their cards.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Darrin

35 years ago today, Darrin, my youngest son was born. I still can not believe that I am old enough to have children that old. But I am. Happy Birthday, Son, it has been an awesome journey.

Now to Pat's challenge for this week. (And let me verify, this is not my son's B/D card), It was white on white with just a touch of color. I saw, this butterfly lying on my desk (along with the kitchen sink *wink*) and thought, I need to incorporate that into this weeks challenge. I do not have a butterfly embossing folder, so I just turned over a sheet of patterned butterfly paper and what did I have, embossed butterfly paper and white at that. I just used the round scalloped nestability die cut to make the frame, and layered white on white. Then I attached the silver butterfly and the silver blings for my touch of color. You can not see in the picture, but I used the butterfly paper as the background where the silver butterfly had landed. Thanks for taking a peek today

Friday, January 8, 2010

January 8, 1956

That was the day that my baby sister, Valda was born. Which by the way made me the MIDDLE CHILD!!. But it turned out Okay. This picture is of her first birthday. I'm on the left, and our older sister, Rita is on her right. Happy, Happy Birthday Dear Valda.

I also need to post Pat's Challenge. This is not Valda's birthday card, she looks at my blog, therefore I had better not post it or her gift yet. Pat suggested that we try something NEW for the first challenge of 2010. I have to confess, I have another obsession, that I have not shared with you. I love pretty paper napkins. I have bunches. But I do not use them, I know that is awful, but I always think I'll need them for something special someday and I won't have them. So you gals that know me, make sure that if something happens to me you are suppose to have a big party, and Please use the pretty paper napkins. ;). I did break into one of the packages for this challenge. I had to use 3 of them (faint) to get the effect I wanted. I saw on a blog where they used your basic plastic wrap to seal 1 ply of the napkin to card stock. Just separate the plys, then position the napkin on top of a piece of card stock that you have put a piece of plastic wrap on top of. Cover with some old papers or the such, and iron, using medium heat, till the design is adhered to the card stock. I then cut some different layers out of the other two napkins, to give the design some depth. Attached a ribbon, and I was good to go.

Another picture I want to share tonight is one of what my DH did special for me today. This is a pic of MY basic food groups. He went to an indoor farmers market, and brought me back some of my favorite, fresh veggies and a special little treat. Chocolate covered almonds. I guess I'll keep him. *wink*

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year

I finally got to go up to my Mom's today, and take her gifts. The weather was too bad last week at Christmas. Some places up there, look like a war zone, where the weight of the ice on the trees just snapped the tops out of them. My mother was without power for 5 1/2 days. She stayed with my sister so she stayed nice and warm and spoiled by my sister.
Pat's challenge two weeks ago was to make a calendar and she gave us two weeks to finish it up. I made one and posted it, and thought I would share another one. I raided my Mother's button jar awhile back, and thought I would make these calendars for my cousins, and share some of the buttons with them. It is a little acrylic picture frame that has the little base on the back so it will stand. I thought they could use them as desk calendars. The ribbon strap will hold 6 months at a time. They will have to change out come July. Hope you enjoyed looking. See you back later.