Saturday, January 31, 2009


Did you know that Pat is playing hooky tonight? Yep and she asked me to cover for her. She is getting to spend some time with her daughter, Heather tonight. I know Pat is on cloud nine to have Heather teach some classes at One Little Spark Shop.

I was looking back to see exactly what number challenge this would be, But I found out something really interesting while blogging backwards. Wed. Jan 28th was the ONE YEAR Anniversary of her blog. Just how neat is that!!! Ok, guys & gals, lets throw the confetti, blow the horns, dance a jig, sing a song, pop the balloons, celebrate, eat chocolate, make that chocolate ice cream, It's Pat's Anniversary. But I don't want to hear any sirens from off in the distance, going to any one's home, because they are being too wild and disturbing the peace. *wink*

I had originally planned a different challenge, but quickly changed my mind. So in honor of this 1 year anniversary and Pat's dedication to bringing us a new Challenge each week, the Saturday Night Challenge is:

Make something that was inspired by Pat. You can do your own "take" on one of her cards or layouts, maybe use something on your piece that came from her shop, Just make something symbolizing PAT. Just make sure you list along with the picture of your project, just what was inspired by Pat.

Here is mine.

The frame with the heart charm on it was in the first birthday present that Pat had given me. I had been saving it for a special project, I decided this is it. Also the paper was a gift from Pat. Pat's Birthday is in February, and we all know what February's birthstone is, so I used the Purple CS card base. The DP was distressed using an ink pad Pat had given me. The sentiment, speaks for itself. See how easy this was. You can do the same with items purchased from her store, or just an inspiration you got from one of her blog postings. I can't wait to see what all of you decide to do. Let's show Pat just how much we appreciate all the hard work that she does for us.

Supplies used: Vintage Ink -Hot Cocoa- Ranger

DP - Crossed Paths - Designed by Shatrine Krake

Rub On - Tapestry by C.R. Gibson

Please link your entry to Pat's Saturday Night blog comment

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Guess Who's Day It Is?

It is some one's birthday, today. If I was as young as her, I would celebrate "till the cows came home", as they say. She participates in the Saturday Night challenges, she is my biggest competition. She has 3 lovely children. She is my "bestest" cyber friend. We have never met, but just enjoy each others blogs and creativity so much. We also have a mutual friend. The list goes on and on. Have you guessed who it is yet? The answer is at the bottom of the post.

Pat's challenge this week, was to create something using a shaped border on it. Instead of using a punch to make the border I used a piece of leftover lace. I hope this still qualifies for the challenge. In the picture it looks as if the base card stock and the color in the DP is in the blue family, but it is actually purple. Thanks for letting me share with you today.

Happy Birthday, Robyn!! May this be the best birthday ever.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Belated Birthday Presents

A couple of weeks ago was my sister's (sissy) birthday. Well, I haven't been able to see her yet to give to her, the present I have made. I will see her on Sunday and will be able to give it to her then. She doesn't read my post till Mondays, so it will be safe to post it. The first picture shows how Flossie May is giving it her seal of approval. Nothing comes in or leaves this house, without her investigating it. I made this using the Bible verse Proverbs 24: 3-4 as my inspiration. I saw where someone else had done this ages ago, and it had stuck in my head. The picture is of my sister and her daughter Ashley.
By wisdom a house is built.
And through understanding it is established.
Through knowledge its rooms are
filled with rare and beautiful treasures.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sealed with a kiss

Everyone that is glad tomorrow is Friday raise you hand. I wonder if anyone actually did *wink* Friday means Heather will post another Spark. this past week we were suppose to do a LO or a card, and cut something with your scissors. Well I needed a valentine for Allan, so this is what I came up with.

I downloaded the tiger print paper from a free digital site, also the lips from a free clip art site. Which I cut out by hand. The lips I put a little red stickles on it. I used my Cricut to cut out the word, WILD. The base card is white, I didn't realize till after loading the picture, that I had taken the picture of the card sitting on my black marble cutting board, making it look like the base was black. Well, there is a dish of chocolate ice cream calling my name. And it is using all three of my names, like Mom did when she was really trying to get my attention, so I better heed the calling. *wink*

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

You Make My Heart Flutter

A friend of mine and my DH, asked me to make a valentine card for him to give his wife. So I took this opportunity to try out a new technique that Robyn showed us about 2 weeks ago. She gave Pat permission for her to use it for the challenge this week. The challenge was to make a LO or card with a spinner or as some people call them a slider on it. I downloaded the bottom layer from this site. The two hearts were cut from a pad of textured card stock by Imagine That.

The 2nd picture shows the two hearts I cut with the cricut. One is just 1/2 inch larger then the other. I cut the little slot for the slider out of the smallest piece, I stuck the little saying, "you make my heart flutter positioned on the back so it would show through the slot, The I adhered the two hearts together with dimensional dots after sliding the little guide into the slot. The 3rd picture show them before I put them onto the background patterned paper.

This next one shows the little butterflies that I found in my stuff. I used the full winged one to cover the top of the little slide. It turns as you move it from left to right. After pasting the hearts

on the patterned paper, I placed them on the front of a folded piece of white card stock. I finished it off with a little bow that made out of ribbon that I removed from a little girl's ponytail holder. Then topped it off with a side view of a butterfly. I hope she likes it.

Thanks so much for letting me share this with all of you. Thanks Robyn for the inspiration, and Pat for the challenge. Don't forget to also enter Heather's Friday night spark.

Friday, January 16, 2009

It's Friday

It's Friday and you know what that means. Time's up to post Pat's challenge. I sure hope it isn't just Robyn and I this week. We need someone that can give Robyn some competition *wink* I love to tease you Robyn, you take it so well. :)

This week was a blah week and it showed in my creativity. Even though the subject of my LO is the most special little gal, I couldn't seem to express that very well this go around. I did get my origami folded and adhered on there, so it qualifies for Pat's challenge. I folded two little kittens and tried to color them in with gray to look like Flossie.

I like the little gray mouse, with the pink bling on the tip of it's nose. I used the Cricut Doodlecharm cartridge to cut it out. I used some paper that didn't have a name on it, so I cannot give anyone credit for that. The ribbon is by Elements. The silk flower came from a silk stem of hydrangeas that I just separated and then put a little blue felt center, with another bling topping that off. I've got 300 of them blings, I need to use them *wink* Also by buying the silk flowers on the stems, and taking them apart, I found out it is more economical for me.

I found a little "fate" sticker and I paired that with a paw sticker, I thought it was appropriate, considering how FLOSSIE MAE came to be part of my life. On the other side, I put "I'm home". Above the top left picture is a little rub on that says "hello" and a little flower. On the right hand side above Allan and her is a rub on that says "you and me". But with the poor quality of my photography you can't see them. The LO depicts how much she has grown in almost 5 months. Let me tell you this kitten, does her own thing. To have been homeless, she sure has a lot of grit. She knows I'm a softie at heart, so if she ignores me, when I want to cuddle her, she knows that she can sucker me in to scratching her belly at her convenience not mine. Have a good weekend and slip over to Heather's place and check out her challenge. Now I have figured out why Flossie is being so distant to me, she doesn't like my bad coloring on the origami.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Heather's Spark

This week Heather had us to use some bling. Well bling is just about all you got on this card. I was just sitting here wishing about some things. You know wishing is something our mother's teach us at a very early age. Remember your mother or someone teaching you "First star I see tonight, I wish I may, wish I might, have the wish, I wish tonight". All our lives, we see that one star, and our minds automatically start the wish. This is just a piece of card stock, that I randomly placed little diamond gems on. They came from a pkg of gems made to embellish cell phones. I found them for $1.00 and they had 300 on the card. They are the tiniest ones I have seen. The swirly thing was lying on my desk, so added it and the word WISH. On the inside of the card, I put the definition of the word wish. I will use it as a birthday card. This is one time that the picture sure did not flatter the object. It really does look much better in real life. The dark contrast of the CS and the blings I really like. I wished the lighting would have been better. Thanks for letting me share. I'll be back tomorrow night with Pat's challenge. Hope everyone is staying warm. It is 24 here in the foothills of NC on Thursday night at 10:45. I'm sure some of you are thinking that is balmy compared to what they you experiencing.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Finally Friday!!!

I am so glad it is Friday, it has been a hard week trying to close out the month and year, I am celebrating Jennifer's birthday a day early by showing you her card, but it is also my challenge for Pat's Saturday Night Challenge. Her challenge was to use dimension on the card. Jennifer is the daughter I never had, so you can only guess how much I care for her. She runs from the camera, so I don't have a picture to show you. But just a side note, she is my grand-daughter Amber's mother. And Amber is the spitting image of her Mom.

The lighting was really bad, it was so dismal outside with the rain, it made everything dark. Pat and Heather both had cards last week with the little Asian girls. since I didn't have a stamp, I just used a image. The clip art page that I used had 4 or 5 little girls to pick from. I wanted to use one with pigtails, but she had a yellow dress on. I just cut them both out, and switched heads. So I used piecing on this card, along with pop dots for dimension, and layering. In the next picture you can see why I wanted her to have the pig tails.
I used little straight pins with colored balls on the heads of them for the hair embellishments. Thanks for letting me share. Have a Happy birthday JENNIFER.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's Sissy's Birthday


I won't tell you her age, because if I did, then you could figure out how old I am, since I am 5 years older. :) But she is over 40 and that is all I am going to say. :) She lives in Boone, NC (ASU country) and they are having a winter blizzard right now. Sissy is what she calls me, but her name is Valda. I have always thought of it being a unique name. I have never heard it anywhere else. But Valda is a unique person. We live about 60 miles apart. She lives near my Mom and takes care of her, Mom has some health issues, so what a blessing I have in Sissy to know she is right in Mom's backdoor if Mom needs her. After my HS graduation, I left home and she was only 12. We have grown closer the older we get.

Here is a picture of her and I at Christmas, doing what we love to do. Cook and Bake and EAT!

O.K. I know she will never speak to me again, but here are some pictures that she wouldn't want me to show. But you see that is what sisters do!!!

This next one is a picture of her signature cake that she is famous for. Red Velvet in case you can't tell
Then this next one is a true depiction of what I have to put up with. Yes I do fear for my life. *wink*

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

More Birthday Cards & One For Heather's Challenge

I am still working on those Birthday Cards for this month. I used the opportunity to make one for Heather's Friday Night Spark Challenge. This week she had us make a card with an nontraditional fold. I used a template that I found ages ago and when I was cleaning, came back across it. So this one fell into place. I just traced around the template on DP, cut it out, put some embellishments on it, a sentiment inside and I was all done. Wouldn't it be nice if it really just took that long. It takes me forever to pick out paper. I am still using up the embossed flowers that I made with the embossing powders I received for Christmas. I just realized this card has no stamping on it anywhere. The embossed flowers were cut out with the Cricut. Thanks for looking and go over to Heather's site, and look at all the cards she has.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Purse Holder & New Friend

A couple of people asked me about the purse holder that Marie gave me for Christmas. I mentioned it on the post a couple of days ago. The title of the post was "January" Here is a picture of the kind I have. I think it is beautiful. I'm sure if you google it, there would be several sites that show it. I really love the color of mine. Everytime I use it, I get comments on it, from other women in the resturant
I have meant the most wonderful people because of the internet. My sister in law has this friend, Helen. Well someway we started emailing each other. My sister-in-law arranged for me and her to meet tonight. What a blessing she is. And another funny thing is 27 years ago we lived in the same neighborhood, 5 houses apart. We never met. Isn't life grand, when something like this happens. By the way, Helen, we had buckwheat pancakes, and Barbara, we had sausage to go along with it for supper tonight. Yummy!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Just Fluttering By

Pat's challenge for this week was to make something using flock. I had no choice but to choose to make a birthday card. I have 14 for this month to make. And February's calendar is just as full of names. But that means I have a lot of special people in my life. Aren't I blessed?

As all of you know, anything that comes close to even being in the purple color family, is my favorite color. *wink*. I teamed it up with a light tealish color, and I myself loved the combination of these two together. I pieced the butterfly for the card. I stamped it on a very light blue CS first in Staz on jet black, then on white CS with Adirondack's Eggplant ink. I used a MS glue pen to go over all the lines on the butterfly. I then used the purple flock. After shaking off access, I began to outline where I had used the flock with a MS purple glitter pen, to make it have a stained glass look to it. . . . Well when I got close to the space where the flock was the flock absorbed the ink from the glitter pen. I had already put my stamp and pads up, so I didn't want to have to get them back out and start all over. I decided to just go over all the purple flock with the purple glitter pen. After letting it dry 2 days. Yes it took that long - I filled in the white spaces with the tealish color MS glitter pen. I cut it out and pieced it over the paper that had the black butterfly outline stamped on it. I then just adhered it to several coordinating layers of DP & CS, added some ribbon and the little jewels and it was ready to put in the mail. It will take extra postage because the finished card is 6 x6. Thanks Pat, for the fun challenge this week. With the boo boo, of a mess I thought I had made when the glitter and flock ran together, I have decided that this time when I made lemonade with all those lemons I was handed, it turned out pretty sweet. *wink*

Heather has promised us a Friday night spark today, so don't forget to go check it out later today.

Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY to BECKY & STEVEN. Both are celebrating today. I'll post their cards after they get the "real thing" in the mail.