Saturday, March 26, 2011

2 Post in One Month!!!!

Hard to believe, that I am posting 2x's this month. Just 3 years ago I was posting every day. Circumstances change we way we do things don't they. Spring is officially here. We have had some pretty weather, but it has turned cool and damp and rainy this weekend. My dining room table can be seen by everyone that drives by my house. The road is right beside that end of the house. Neighbors make note that I haven't changed my tablescape in awhile. I do not do elaborate tablescapes, just simple, but people do comment, when they are tired of the present ones. *wink* The basket was part of a floral arrangement that I received for my birthday back in February. The dried pink filler was also part of the same arrangement. The greenery was the top section of a old topiary that I was about to discard. The ceramic eggs were given to me by a dear friend over 25 years ago. I think of her so lovingly every time I unwrap them this time of year. The little candy baskets were cut using the Cricut. I used the Tags cartridge, and cut the popcorn box in a 4'' size. It also had the flower cut on that same cartridge. I cut various sizes of the flowers out of the scraps from where I cut the boxes. Added the layered flower a ribbon for a handle and grass and candy. This will be taken to our family Easter Dinner next month. There are 28 of these little "suckers" I can't believe it took me all day to do these. But then the Cricut, just cuts so fast. Blame it on the Cricut, I say. *wink* Thanks for visiting. HAPPY SPRING.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Two Babies to be exact. Little twin boys. A friend's niece had them this week. Oh what joy. My friend asked me to make her a card. This is what I came up with, with help from a Hallmark Card program that my son's bought me. You choose your sentiments, backgrounds and the such. I printed it out, and trimmed around them and popped them up a level, added my own bows and was finished. Below is picture of inside of card.