Friday, July 30, 2010

Evidently I am not Good at Reading Directions

I think this will be my 3 contribution to Beverly's Pink Saturdays. Well evidently I missed this part:

Reminder - We have a weekly challenge for you to visit the blog of at least one participant that you have never visited before. Then next Saturday include that blog and a link in your post. Quite a few of you have been done this challenge, and have met some of the great Pink Saturday participants. Thank you for sharing with us.This week I am featuring four blogs of Pink Saturday participants. These Pink Saturday participants have requested to be a featured blog, and there will be up to five featured blogs each Saturday. Please visit, get to know and say hello to these participants. They have each written the following personal greetings to you.

Sorry, I have not been doing that. Somehow I missed that part. So to make up for it, I will link you to Beverly's so you can see what Pink Saturdays is all about.

The other link will be to Debbie at Simply Debbie. I am still not following directions very good. This is not the first time I have visited with Debbie. I met Debbie through Beverly's blog. The first thing I noticed when I visited with Debbie was that she was a member of a society that none of us want a membership in. Her beautiful daughter died in October 09 of cancer. After commenting to her, she returned with an email that have instantly made us friends. She lets me talk about Scott, she lets me share my bad days, my angry days. She understands the different emotions that I am going through. And she reassures me that I am ok, that all of this is normal, that is if you could call what we share normal. Having a child die is not normal. Thank you Beverly for having Pink Saturdays, and introducing me to Debbie. And Debbie, thank you for being here for me at this time in my life when there are no answers.
Now for my Pink contribution.

I have not made anything Pink this week. so I walked around in my yard and snapped a picture of a few of the pink things that I found in my garden this week. Thanks for checking in on me this week.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pink Breezes

PINK BREEZES. That is what has been going on at my house. Pat at Southern Breezes Challenge this week was to use predominately PINK on a card LO or whatever. Also, Beverly hosts PINK Saturdays. So I guess this will be a "2fer". I am still working on Madison's scrapbook pages for her birthday in August. This was taken when she was just barely 3. The moment I saw this picture when going through some old shots, I knew I could use it for Pat and Beverly's post this week. Thanks for visiting with me today. Oh yes, Pat is having way too much fun this week. She is having Amuse classes with Heather.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Christmas in July

It is hard to think about Christmas when there is 110 heat indexes going on. But then maybe just thinking about it, will trick your mind into thinking cold. This week that is what Pat has going on for the challenge. I am trying to get some scrapbook pages made before Aug. 16 when my granddaughter turns 10. So I used a Christmas picture from 2006 (Yes I am that far behind) to make a Christmas page. I have a stuffed snowman that is pretty big. She was about 5 months old her first Christmas and we sit her down beside it and made pictures. Well it has turned into tradition. she even reminds me of it every Christmas. This page is part digital and part handmade. Thanks Pat for the challenge.

Monday, July 5, 2010


Friend and Family:
Along time ago I met Sharon, we were in HS together. A couple of years later we became family, when I married her cousin. Time passed and he became my ex. But the important and special thing is his family, never divorced me, when he did. Now just how special is that. I still have his family. We don't see each other as often as we should. At an occasional wedding, and seems like to many funerals. We have kept in contact more recently because of email. My oldest son, Scott and Sharon share the same birthday. Feb. 18th. If you are new to reading my blog, I need to mention that Scott left his earthly home in Feb of this year. I saw Sharon again at Scott's funeral. Several weeks later she contacted me about making something for me and Scott's daughter using some of Scott's shirts. I picked two that was Scott's favorites and the most like him. Below are pictures of what my wonderful friend presented me with. the most special part of all is that the bow color she chose was the color of Scott's hair. The thought and love that went into this gift is tremendous. I hope she knows how overwhelmed I am for this gift of love that she has given me. Especially the color of the bow. Sharon, there are no words to express my gratitude for this gift, except I love you.

The Bears:
The detail:
Sharon used the tags out of the shirt to place in "special" little places. She also used the buttons off the shirts to hinge them together. Look at the beautiful sewing skills that she has.
The bow:
A Close up of the Bears

Saturday, July 3, 2010


It has been awhile since I have posted anything. But Pat has started her Saturday night challenges again, so that gave me boost to do something creative. Plus, Donna gave me some very needed encouragement. Also some friends keep asking me when I am going to update. I did change my page a little too. I added a poem in the side bar, that I hope all of you take time to read. Thanks ladies.
Monday is my nephew's birthday, but we are celebrating tonight. Of course I am down to the wire for the challenge and his card. Pat's challenge said to make it summery and incorporate the red, white & blue. Well I got the red, white and blue part right. Here is Doug's B/D card. Happy Birthday to my only biological Nephew. Of course I have some very special Nephews in Law.See you later. Make some great memories this 4th.