Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's A Girl

I got to go to a baby shower yesterday. It was for the son and daughter- in- law of one of my friends. Since she is having a little girl, everyone had brought her all these little cute outfits, dresses, little socks. And the cutest little pink bunny hat that will be perfect for Easter. Robyn and I was talking about all these new gadgets that are available for new mothers now days. When I had my first born, pampers had just been put on the market, and they were considered a luxury item. Below is pics of the card and little gift I gave to her. Guess what the baby's name is going to be? It' Emily. You gals that read my blog regularly know why that name is so special to me. To any new visitors, please click on the link on the right side bar "In Memory"

Now to the pictures. Here is the baby shower card's front.

The next one is the inside of the card. On the top flap I put the meaning and origin of the name Emily.
This is a little 8x8 album that the expectant Mother can scrap after the baby gets here. I added the stickers on the front, put the baby's name on it and added some extra colored ribbon to the plain basic ribbon that ties it shut. I also added the name Emily's origin on the first page of the album.

I used this pretty little pink gingham lined basket to put everything in. I then put it down in one of those cellophane bags and finished it off with a big pink tulle bow. I also added some pretty "smelling" toiletries in the basket for the Mother-To-Be.
I am trying to use up a lot of my "scrap" papers, leftover from other projects, so I do not have the names of any of the papers. Thanks for letting me share.


Karen said...

Thats a fanastic mother2b gift. Very creative and very unique. I remember too when I had my first, Alexia had to wear two cloth diapers and 1 pamper due to her dislocated hips. Pampers/Luvs only came in one style and they still had cloth diapers. Now days, there this and that kind of variety of diapers and cloth ones are obsolete. Also, scrapbooking was just plain jane not like today.

Pat said...

Great gift! All so pretty and pink. Mom-to-be will love it!

Robyn said...

WOW! I love baby things!
What a beautiful card and gift! I love how you made the bow on the front of the card. And that was a great idea incorporating her name and meanings.
The album was a great idea!
I'm sure they will treasure your gift forever.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful card so well thought out. I'm sure she will cherish it forever. I heard you got to see a special grandaughter to.*

Carolyn King said...

what a wonderful gift!!!!!