Friday, March 19, 2010

Sunshine, Wonderful Sunshine

It is 72 degrees as I write this post. What a blessing this sunshine is. Scott would have been right outside in this sun, under a hood of a car. I have lots of beautiful memories, they still make me sad at times, but they are still special. Seems like everything I do or say, I associate it with Scott. Scott would like this, Scott wouldn't like this, my mind never strays far from thoughts of him. It is so ironic how people are brought together. Earlier today I was in the floral section in the store, and there was a older lady there. Of course I could only smile and nod at her, afraid to say much, afraid my voice would break, see I was there buying flowers for Scott. She said isn't it hard to buy flowers for our loved ones that are no longer with us. I nodded and she said she had lost her husband about 10 years ago, but had also lost her son 4 years ago this May. She was still visibly shaken. I just grabbed her and hugged her and we held on to each other for a minute, then I got up the courage to say that I had just buried my son 3 weeks earlier. Well we hugged again. We talked awhile, and then we shared stories, and we had so many many things in common. God put her and I both there at the same moment to give each other strength while we chose flowers for our sons. She told me that I would only learn to live with this, but never accept it. I want to again thank all you wonderful friends , who's prayers are lifting my family up. There is no way we could have ever have gotten this far without God and friends.

Now on to Pat's challenge, This week we were to use a shape. Well I took the easy way out again and used one of the first basic shapes that we learned as a child. The SQUARE. This card is for a special person that was a part of Scott's life. She too has a hard road ahead of her.
I also made a couple of spring wreaths today. One for Scott and one for my front door. On Scott's wreath, I made a little bird's nest out of twigs and moss and then added little plastic eggs.
The bow on the wreath for my front door, was on a beautiful floral tribute for Scott. I saved it just for this reason. I also made a birds net out of moss, for it. I added the eggs and also a little bird.


Anonymous said...

It has been a beautiful sunny day. Your memories of Scott will always be with you and that is a blessing. That wonderful meeting with that special lady was indeed sent by God. The card and wreath are beautiful. I know it helps to create such beauty.*

Pat said...

Beautiful story. The wreath and the card are very pretty. The bird nests are so sweet - you are a very talented person Miss Shelia!

pam said...

beautiful story, wreath and card....
and the bird's nest...the perfect touch.

Valda said...


Read Psalm 50:15

Robyn said...

Thanks for sharing that touching story.
Your card are wreath are BEAUTIFUL! Looks like robin eggs in the nest! *wink*

Donna said...

Shelia you were angels for one another God did put you there for each other. He knew you both needed what He gave you. What miracles He sends us...thank you for sharing such a touching story. Hugs~Donna

Cathe Holden said...

Dear Shelia,

Your loss breaks my heart. As you read in my blog, my brother passed away a similar way recently. I know the grief I am dealing with but I can't begin to imagine your sadness of loosing your son. I love that you found comfort in a new friend over flowers. God is so good that way. And he delivers us from such tragedy to help others who suffer the same.

Know that I will be praying for you and your family. Please keep in touch with me.