Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's been a week!

I didn't realize it but it has been a week since I posted anything. So that means it is going to be a long one this time. It is hot and humid in the Foothills of NC, and it is just the middle of June. Can you believe the year is almost half gone. I will always reflect back on 2010 with great sadness, grief and loss. Friday was a good day. My granddaughter Amber (Scott's daughter) came to spend most of the day with me. We started out with breakfast. Oh and what a breakfast it was. We had waffles, biscuits and gravy, hash browns and bacon. Breakfast would probably be my favorite meal of the day, if I could eat like that all the time. It is usually fruit & cereal. After consuming all that delicious food, we went to the cemetery. We sat and talk a long time, each sharing their personal feelings. Amber even done the chauffeuring, so it was a very good day. She even shared her Starbucks Capichino. We do not have a Starbucks where I live, so she stopped on the way and got us one. Yes the 1500 calorie kind ;) but we shared. She is so tiny she could have 5 of those a day and it wouldn't bother her. Last week was my Mother's B/D so we had a small impromptu family gathering. I forgot my camera but I will share a picture of her at a recent wedding.On the way home, we stopped at a roadside produce stand. We got cantaloupes (the best of the season) a watermelon, peaches (yum yum) and cukes. My cukes did not do good this year yet. I came home and picked my first mess (that is what us Southerners call a picking of beans) of green beans. Pat, I am eating those for you!! Also here are pictures of her homemade cards. One from me and 2 others from my sons and then the 2 little granddaughters. Oh and the best part, homemade cupcakes. Mom loves that wax fruit candy. I found little miniature ones. I flavored the cupcake and icing to match the candy slice. I thought they looked festive. They didn't taste to bad either. Have a good week. Thanks for letting me share.


karen said...

please send birthday greetings to your mom for me, she is a very dear lady. Of course the cards are always.

Robyn said...

Your mom is beautiful!!
I always love reading your blog....thanks for sharing!
Great always!.....and the cupcakes look scrumptious!

Pat said...

The cards are so pretty and the cupcakes look yummy, yummy!! I hope you ate a lot of beans for me with cukes adn tomatoes - I've still not had any fresh beans yet They're just not the same in the north as they are down south. Your Mom is so pretty.