Monday, July 5, 2010


Friend and Family:
Along time ago I met Sharon, we were in HS together. A couple of years later we became family, when I married her cousin. Time passed and he became my ex. But the important and special thing is his family, never divorced me, when he did. Now just how special is that. I still have his family. We don't see each other as often as we should. At an occasional wedding, and seems like to many funerals. We have kept in contact more recently because of email. My oldest son, Scott and Sharon share the same birthday. Feb. 18th. If you are new to reading my blog, I need to mention that Scott left his earthly home in Feb of this year. I saw Sharon again at Scott's funeral. Several weeks later she contacted me about making something for me and Scott's daughter using some of Scott's shirts. I picked two that was Scott's favorites and the most like him. Below are pictures of what my wonderful friend presented me with. the most special part of all is that the bow color she chose was the color of Scott's hair. The thought and love that went into this gift is tremendous. I hope she knows how overwhelmed I am for this gift of love that she has given me. Especially the color of the bow. Sharon, there are no words to express my gratitude for this gift, except I love you.

The Bears:
The detail:
Sharon used the tags out of the shirt to place in "special" little places. She also used the buttons off the shirts to hinge them together. Look at the beautiful sewing skills that she has.
The bow:
A Close up of the Bears


Butternutsage said...

oh my goodness htese are wonderful on so many evels Shelia. They are awesome to look at and see the details of what your FRIEND made, and then they are so perfect to hug becasue they are made with Scotts own shirts! What a perfect gift in everyway! I am sure tey will be instrumental in the healing process for yu and Amber!Hugs~Donna

Carolyn King said...

what a beautiful touching.

karen said...

How precious and I know Scott would have loved them. Shelia, I know these give you comfort in knowing how much Scott meant to everyone. {{{hugs}}}

Pat said...

What an amazing gift of love!!

Beverly said...

Shelia, this are awesome. What a wonderful gift for the two of you. I know they will be a forever treasure.

I'm glad to read you are better, and that you have supportive and caring friends.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful gift, so beautiful, so thoughtful. Something you can keep and hug whenever you are down. To know you is to love you and this sure shows it.*

Robyn said...

They are absolutely beautiful! I know you will give them lots of love and hugs!

Liz Icenhour said...

What a wonderful way to share "Special Memories of Love." This is a beautiful place for them to sit and enjoy "Gods brillant streamers of Love being sent down from heavens above." Shelia I know you will treasue these dearly.
Thanks for sharing with me. I can't wait to meet them both.
Love to you forever, Scrubby

pam said...

what a genuinely thoughtful gift.

your friend has both talent AND heart

Anonymous said...

Sheila I just love the bears. What a most wonderful memory. Heather loved bears and took her "Yogi" with her that grandaddy gave her on her 1st birthday. Do you think she could make one for me? Love you Marilyn