Sunday, November 14, 2010

Saturday and friends

Saturday was a good day. I went to Marilyn's house that lives about an 1 3/4 hours away. I rode with Melonie, a friend of 25 years. She was having a Stampin-Up party, so I attended my first "party" or "class" which ever you would like to call it. Dacia Smith was the demonstrator. We made a Christmas tag and a Christmas card. And Marilyn shared lots of homemade goodies to eat. We had a fabulous time. Melonie and I stayed long after the demonstration was over. We had lots of catching up to do. Pat did you and Donna's ears burn yesterday. We talked about both of you and your talents.

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Butternutsage said...

hi sweetie! You silly girl! My ears di not ring so it must have been all bad (wink)I am so happy you had fun! I wish I could have been there too! It would have been a hoot! You sound so relaxed I am happy for you. Blessings my friend