Sunday, August 21, 2011

6 Days and counting

On August 27th, my beautiful granddaughter will marry. Happy tears flow even as I write this. It will be an outdoor wedding, and we are hoping for lovely weather. Amber is the daughter of my son Scott who passed away. My husband and her mother's father have the honor of giving her away. Since we have 5 sons, my husband never thought he would have an opportunity to give away a bride, so he is so very proud that she asked him. The pictures include a couple of her engagement pictures, shower pictures and some of the things we are making for the wedding. Enjoy

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Butternutsage said...

I can feel the excitement and beauty SHelia...I am tickled for her and YOU!!! I am waiting for pictures and praying that Irene does not come a knocking!!!! Although you are far enough inland not to be too worried! Hugs~Donna