Saturday, November 28, 2009


This is is going to be a real long post. It is about my sister and her birthday and includes Pat's Saturday Night challenge. Just bear with me. Let's do Pat's Challenge first. We were to use a recipe of 2 papers, 2 stamps, a ribbon,a punch and to finish it off some glitter. The glitter is on the little flower.

Now to my sister's birthday. Let's add OLDER sister to the title of this post (*wink*). She is a dear person to me, She guided me as I was growing up. She taught me so many things. And one of them was to always be the best you could be to everyone. We left home just months apart, she married in July and I in October. I moved away for several years, then back to my home town, then left town again and 35 years later I still live about a hours drive from them. But during all that time, we have never grown apart. That is the kind of family we are. Thank you Rita for being always there for me. Now on to the outside and inside of the card I made for her. Then my DH decided he wanted me to make a card for him to give to her. He is always picking on her. This is what he wanted. I did just as he said, Rita, I am not responsible. ;) Also I need to add that Rita herself is a very accomplished card maker , and it is hard to make cards for people that are so good at what they do. Here is the gift I made for her. I raided our Mother's button jar, and used them to frame a picture of my sister, as a baby with our Mother and Father. I used a shadow box type frame. I love how it came out. Down in the right hand corner you can see a small metal button. It says Jack Rabbit on it. My Daddy was a house painter. He wore "Painter Whites". Jack Rabbit was the brand and this is a button off one of the overalls that he wore.


karen said...

Pls send my birthday wishes as well. To Allan...monkey's send monkey's birthday greetings DON'T THEY (*wink) Shelia, your cards are marvelous. I love the button frame. Now I understand why our grandmothers and mothers kept buttons! Your new profile pic is beautiful just like the inner beauty you are.

Butternut Sage Designs said...

pretty pretty cards! Love all that you have been doing this week. Have a great week ahead. hugs~Donna

Anonymous said...

Now thats a birthday card to keep. what an outstanding tribute to your sister. She's a lucky sister to have you.*

pam said...

love love all of them !! of course, my card didnt post (i am certifiable !)

fav was the ivory one. so elegant

Robyn said...

What a touching story, Shelia! Thanks for sharing! You and Rita are so lucky to have such a wonderful relationship.
The picture frame is BEAUTIFUL! I'm sure she'll treasure it forever. I hope you saved some buttons to make a frame for yourself! *wink*

Crayola58 said...

Love the card and post on your sister. The frame with the buttons is darling. Just darling.
Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hello.

Anonymous said...

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