Friday, December 4, 2009


To start you off, I want to share a picture of Ms. Flossie Mae. In this one, she got up from her usual sleeping area (the small paper tray that she hangs out of) to look at her Beau that usually makes his way up our driveway 3 or 4 times a day. Flossie being a inside cat, has never actually met him except for looking him face to face through the sliding glass door. They sit and stare at each other and meow once in awhile. She senses his presence in the driveway, and watches from the window till he gets out of sight, then she dashes to the back door to greet him. She is so funny to watch.

We are suppose to have frosty weather tomorrow. And by frosty weather I mean SNOW. Now I'm not like Pat at Southern Breezes I do not look forward to the first snow of the season except for the fact that it makes it a little closer to the last snow of the season. So I decided to make lemonade out of lemons or in this case, Spiced Tea and just sit back and enjoy the snow. That takes us to Pat's challenge. This week we were to see how many techniques we could use on a card. Instead of a regular card, I utilized the challenge to make some toppers for the Spiced Tea Mix I made. I used the 6x4 inch bags for the project. Now to the different things used to put it all together:
Digital Image
Pieced hat and nose
Rub ons - Snow rub ons used on the white card stock
Glitter on the hatband
Coloring on the hatband, nose and cheeks
Snowflake brad
Dimensional dots
Fake Snow effects on hat
Merry Christmas Stamp
Then attached with a ribbon


Robyn said...

Shelia, your spiced tea bags are so cute...and a cup of it sounds delish right about now! (Hope you'll be sending me some!)
Now on to Flossie Mae - she's hysterical sitting there in your paper tray until her beau comes! Your little story about her put a smile on my face - thanks for sharing it!

Pat said...

Love the tea bags! Flossie Mae is so pretty! I enjoy hearing about her escapades.

pam said...

soooooooooo cute ! love that little guy

Anonymous said...

I too love the any kitty story since I have two...and the "tea bags" are a great idea....may use part of the idea for Christmas candies....though I will not decorate nearly as nicely....pyt

Carolyn King said...

how adorable! what a sweet topper for the teas. GREAT job!