Friday, January 2, 2009

Just Fluttering By

Pat's challenge for this week was to make something using flock. I had no choice but to choose to make a birthday card. I have 14 for this month to make. And February's calendar is just as full of names. But that means I have a lot of special people in my life. Aren't I blessed?

As all of you know, anything that comes close to even being in the purple color family, is my favorite color. *wink*. I teamed it up with a light tealish color, and I myself loved the combination of these two together. I pieced the butterfly for the card. I stamped it on a very light blue CS first in Staz on jet black, then on white CS with Adirondack's Eggplant ink. I used a MS glue pen to go over all the lines on the butterfly. I then used the purple flock. After shaking off access, I began to outline where I had used the flock with a MS purple glitter pen, to make it have a stained glass look to it. . . . Well when I got close to the space where the flock was the flock absorbed the ink from the glitter pen. I had already put my stamp and pads up, so I didn't want to have to get them back out and start all over. I decided to just go over all the purple flock with the purple glitter pen. After letting it dry 2 days. Yes it took that long - I filled in the white spaces with the tealish color MS glitter pen. I cut it out and pieced it over the paper that had the black butterfly outline stamped on it. I then just adhered it to several coordinating layers of DP & CS, added some ribbon and the little jewels and it was ready to put in the mail. It will take extra postage because the finished card is 6 x6. Thanks Pat, for the fun challenge this week. With the boo boo, of a mess I thought I had made when the glitter and flock ran together, I have decided that this time when I made lemonade with all those lemons I was handed, it turned out pretty sweet. *wink*

Heather has promised us a Friday night spark today, so don't forget to go check it out later today.

Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY to BECKY & STEVEN. Both are celebrating today. I'll post their cards after they get the "real thing" in the mail.


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Robyn said...

Shelia, your card is BEAUTIFUL! I can't compete with this! LOL I love the color combos!

Anonymous said...

this has to be one of my favorite cards you have made. outstanding!*

Jamie Martin said...

OMGosh Shelia, 16 birthdays this month, that's a whole lot!
This card is amazing, love what you did with the wings and love the colors :)

Carolyn King said... the flocking!

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