Sunday, January 4, 2009

Purse Holder & New Friend

A couple of people asked me about the purse holder that Marie gave me for Christmas. I mentioned it on the post a couple of days ago. The title of the post was "January" Here is a picture of the kind I have. I think it is beautiful. I'm sure if you google it, there would be several sites that show it. I really love the color of mine. Everytime I use it, I get comments on it, from other women in the resturant
I have meant the most wonderful people because of the internet. My sister in law has this friend, Helen. Well someway we started emailing each other. My sister-in-law arranged for me and her to meet tonight. What a blessing she is. And another funny thing is 27 years ago we lived in the same neighborhood, 5 houses apart. We never met. Isn't life grand, when something like this happens. By the way, Helen, we had buckwheat pancakes, and Barbara, we had sausage to go along with it for supper tonight. Yummy!!


Pat said...

Love the purse holder! Thanks for posting a picture of it. Isn't it nice how we sometimes meet the nicest people on the internet? Glad you had fun tonight with your new friend! Someday you have to come up "north" and meet some new friends *wink*

Karen said...

Well that's a first for me. I have never heard or seen a purse holder. It's beautiful and unique.

Corina said...

oo! I've seen these, but nothing as pretty as that! I want one now, haha!

Jamie Martin said...

Isn't it amazing what a small world we live in?
Really pretty purse holder :)

Anonymous said...

Love the purse holder! Thanks for posting a picture of it.

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