Sunday, May 24, 2009

Make you SMILE

Last weekend my grand daughters Mother remarried. The girls aged 3 and 8.5 were to be part of the wedding party. Julie had a beach wedding,so during the ceremony the little one, Nat, got bored with the whole thing. They go to the beach a lot so Nat knows what it is all about. So she decided to put her priorities in order and do what you are supposed to do when you go to the beach, Play in the Sand. Just how hard that could be, she probably wonders. The photographer caught this perfect shot.

Now didn't that make you smile on a Monday morning?

For her wedding present, I made her a small scrap book and card. The book is store bought, and I did some altering to it. I used my Cricut to cut out the word Wedding. For Julie and her husband's name, I cut them out using the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge. I used the shadow feature to get the outlined in black look. I forgot to take a picture of where the book is bound. I wrapped the spine in a white satin ribbon, and finished it off with a bow.

I guess by now you have figured out that the rusty orange was the color used in her wedding.

On each page I put a little embellishment or something to give it a little pop. She will add her pictures.

On the inside back cover, I made a pocket using the punched out border card piece and adhered it by using two dimensional dots stacked up on top of each other, all around the sides and bottom. That way she will have plenty of room to put the card in that I made for her, and use it for extra pictures or whatever.
Thanks for letting me share.


Anonymous said...

Now thats a picture to keep and the scrap book is just the place to keep it. outstanding job on the book. a keepsake if ever there was one *


Robyn said...

Cute picture! :0)
I LOVE the scrapbook that you gave as a gift! It's a very thoughtful gift that will be treasured for many years!

Pat said...

I love the picture!!! Priceless. The album is SO pretty - I'm sure she will treasure it for years.

Jamie Martin said...

That is such a cute picture! Kids are the best :)
I love the album and card, you are soooo creative.

Carolyn King said...

ohhh i love it. What a beautiful book for photos and what a great photo too!

LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture!!! Priceless. The album is SO pretty

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