Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pat's Saturday Night Challenge via Shelia

Pat has had some things going on this week, so I am going to do her challenge. Now wipe all those frowns off your faces. She will be back next week with something really challenging. Even a bad card challenge is better then NO Challenge at all. Now I know you all have to agree to this. wink*

I like the word Pat used on one of her challenges a few Saturday's back. RECIPE. So I am going to do as she did and give you a recipe for a card.


2. 3 Buttons

3. As many papers as you desire

4. Flock or Flower Soft

5. Ribbon
6. A sentiment

Remember you can not use stamps. I used my Cricut and cut out the trunk of the tree using Stretch Your Imagination and used Cricut cartridge Jasmine to cut out the sentiment "Friend".

I used green and Lilac Flock for my blooming tree and then outlined the trunk with a Bic Marker. I used Cosmos Cricket Wanted paper and I used a colored pencil to draw in a little grass. Have fun and don't forget to link them back to Pat's Southern Breezes.

Thanks Pat for giving me the opportunity to do this. Come on girls participate this week, don't let me down. If it sounds like I'm begging, Well you are right. *wink*


Pat said...

Love the challenge! Great card. Thank you SO much for hosting this week's challenge for me.

Corina said...

NO STAMPS?!?! How in the world am i going to pull this off?? LOL - great challenge Shelia! :D

karen said...

Awesome effect on the card. I believe this is the best "friend" card you have made. great job

Anonymous said...

It is one of your better cards, all are great but this is special.*

Donna said...

hi Sheila I am not sure if I was supposed to post my card here but if so here it is. Enjoy~Donna

Corina said...

Ok... i managed to do it! I posted it over at Pat's blog, but thought you might be interested so I'll post here too..


mugsy said...

i'll try this today after unpacking ! better late than never i guess.

got back home at 1 am from Seattle....lots of washing to do too !

no stamps !! yikes. that'll be a toughie for me.

pam/mugsy said...

here it is

Anonymous said...

thank you for the sharing..

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