Sunday, March 29, 2009

Chicken Little

Remember the story about "Chicken Little". Didn't you just love that little story. Well this little gal might grow up to be Chicken Little some day. But, for the time being, I am using her to put on front of a big lollipop for the grand kid's Easter Baskets. I found her one day while blog hopping, printed out the template, and forgot to get any specifics on her. I rescanned the template and printed her out on yellow card stock and the feet and beak on orange CS. Then just cut them out and layered them together. You cannot tell in the picture but the head is a circle layered onto the body with wings. The little beak is two pieces, and I put a little dimensional dot between the upper and lower beak, to make it stand opened a little. After seeing the picture I took of her, I realize I should have outlined all the different pieces in black, so it would stand out better. I need to make four of these. I had a nice relaxing weekend, crafted a little, and watched the Basketball games. Hope all of you got to do what you liked. Thanks for looking.


Anonymous said...

Thats very creative, those grand kids will love it. Great job. I like lollipops to.:)*

Robyn said...

Too cute!
Will you share the template?
(Sounds like you did some paper piecing...great entry for the Sat Nite Challenge!)

Pat said...

Way too cute!! I'm with Robyn - will you share???

wanda said...

Good job!

Sonia said...

Great Job!!1.. love the little chicken.
The little chicken is from a template?


Anonymous said...

really gr8 job

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