Monday, March 9, 2009

Signs of Spring

There are so many signs of Spring this year already. It is hard to believe just a week ago today, I had a snow day. This morning at 6:50 it is already 63 degrees. Other signs are the birds singing so profusely. The crocuses, daffodils, early Japanese Irises. And the Forsythias. Here is a snap shot of some I brought in to the house and forced bloomed them. I wanted them for my table setting on Sunday. Another real BIG and MAJOR sign of Spring. Is SORE MUSCLES and everyone walking around like their backs have given out. I worked all weekend like there would be no tomorrow, and I had to get it done. I have a small house but a pretty good sized flowerbeds. They go around the perimeter of my house. Nd then there is my veggie and herb gardens. I had to clean them all out, and pick but limbs from last weeks storm, and just a lot of other back breaking projects. But I enjoyed every minute of it. I did have some fun away from house though. It was my Grand-daughters other Grandmothers Birthday. I won't tell her age, cause Pat told me her Grandmother said it was unmannerly. *wink*. Just had to tease you Pat.

But her family gave her what was supposed to be a surprise Birthday Party. But someone let it slip. It was a full course meal. Then cake & ice cream with whipped frosting. And chocolate cupcakes with butter cream frosting. I chose the chocolate cupcakes. And as they say "A Good Time Was Had By All"

Here is the snapshot of my table setting with the Forsythias. I brought in some Hyacinths for fragrance, but forgot to take picture of them.

Hope your week end was as pleasurable as mine, but your Monday not as PAINFUL. *wink*


Anonymous said...

Now aren't you the smart one, puting me to shame. Seems like I reconize the table & chairs in your dinning room.:) Its just beautiful. thanks for sharing.*

wanda said...

Welcome back!! I missed you!

Pat said...

How pretty!! Your home looks so warm and inviting.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back

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