Friday, July 3, 2009

4th of July Challenge

It is time to post my entry for Southern Breezes, Sat. night challenge. This week it was to make something patriotic. Remember when we were growing up our Mothers would take Queen Annes lace, and put them in colored water, and we thought she was a magician to be able to do this. Well I tried making red, white, and blue for a holiday bouquet. The blue soaked it up almost instantly. But the red still has a lot more color to absorb. While blogging last week, I came across a post where someone had taken Life Savors, covered the wrappers with patriotic papers and made firecrackers out of them. Can you believe I could not find a roll of Life Savors in any of the stores. I settled for these big and small rolls of Smarties. They worked out better, because they had the end twisted, so I did not have to make a fuse to put on it. The boxes I found on someones blog too. I am sorry I cannot give the credit to the right people. Hope everyone has a safe and Happy 4th of July.


Robyn said...

I love these!!!!
They are so cute to give out to the kids during a bar-b-q! Very creative!

Pat said...

Love the Queen Anne's Lace - but didn't you get chiggers from them?? That's all I remember about them - I loved them but every time I picked any I got chiggers!!! And, yes, I believe you couldn't find Life Savers cause I couldn't find any either! Looked for over a week for them so I could make the "firecrackers" and finally ended up using breath mints. Everything you did is gorgeous!

Corina said...

Soooo cute!! I love the gift boxes! :D

mugsy said...

love all of it !! and the presentation.....wonderful.

chiggers find my DH anywhere...we hiked in south mountain last week and i found one too...and i didnt even touch a queen anne's lace....those weeds are so pretty though

Anonymous said...

very pretty and so much like Shelia, outstanding.*

manicstamper said...

Hi's Sheila.
Thanks so much for visiting my blog, leaving such a nice comment and for becoming a follower.
I shall be using the Christmas Solutions cartridge lots this year so I hope you find some inspiration for using it yourself.
You have some beautiful work on your blog and you've inspired me to look for some little tins to alter as I love the ones you have done.
Bye for now