Friday, August 7, 2009


I had a wonderful Friday evening. Allan took me uptown to have dinner and then we walked over to the square, where they were having an outdoor concert. Tonight's featured group was a Christian Rock Band by the name of 5:17. The name 5:17 is based on 2 Chronicles 5:17. I am not generally a fan of Christian Rock Music, but this group had established their own style. I hope that this band continues to grow and be able to teach the Ministry. Here is a link to there site, if you would like to check them out.

Pat's Saturday Night Challenge for this week, was to make your own embellishment. It sounded easy till I got to thinking about it, then my mind went blank. After tending to Flossie Mae's needs ( you know the treat and belly rub) I finally though of using some of the new Shrinky Dinks I got a couple of months ago. This package had several colored sheets in it. I chose the frosted one. I used my Cricut, with the Doodlecharms cartridge, and cut out a 5 inch cupcake. I colored it with colored pencils, which wasn't my first choice, but after glancing at a tips sheet included in the package, decided to use what they recommended. The frosted sheet felt like it had been pre-sanded. After baking it, it shrunk down to about 1 inch. I made a simple birthday card to put it on. Brown base, then layers of glittered blue and pink. Used a ribbon and then just used 3d dots to secure the cupcake on. This is for my Niece, Ashley, whose birthday will be on the 11th.

Oh yes, and the best part of the evening was this great big cone of ice cream. Yummy, Butter Pecan. I have to say, it was the best time I have had in awhile. Thanks to all that visit and comment. All of you say such nice things. And thanks Allan for the nice evening.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great Friday evening. Allan knows just how to do it when I know you need it. great card and butter pecan is one of my favorites to.*

mugsy said...

yummy cupcake and yummy ice cream cone !! and music too, cant beat that

Robyn said...

Love the card! The cupcake is adorable! I haven't done Shrinky-Dinks since I was a kid!
Your night out with Allan sounded so romantic! (I just hope the 'best part of the evening' was more than the ice cream! *wink*)