Saturday, August 15, 2009


Not a beautiful day in my neighborhood last night and today. My computer is just about to crash. Of course this would happen when I need it the most. I am making decorations for my granddaughter's Birthday party. Madison will be celebrating her ninth birthday. I really need some of my files and stuff to get things done. If this post turns out a little weird it is because the thing will probably crash 2 or 3 times before I get it published. The pictures will be terrible I can't even use my editing program. Please bear with me.
Madison loves music, all varieties, she just loves music. She can just about hear a song one time and then sing it for you. She has an amazing voice. The beauty of it makes me cry with pride. She wants CD's for her birthday, so I combined that wish with Pat's Saturday Night Challenge. Pat's suggested that we use something that we had bought awhile back like a kit or paper and finally use it this week to make something. I bought this little CD holder back about 2 years ago at Big Lots for $1.00. It was by Everyday. The kit contained all the holders already cut out on pattered pieces. I wasn't too thrilled with the colors for a little girl, but I tried to improvise. By the way I did trace me a template out for use later. It will hold 10 CD's. That way she can put her favorites in it, when she goes to a sleep over or whatever. Remember pictures are bad but you can get an ideal of how it was put together.

The first picture shows the kit. The covers were see through so On the front that shows through the transparency, I put a butterfly. On top of the transparency, I put a tag with Madison's initials on it and put the tag on the ring also. I added a little butterfly charm to the upper binder ring. The kit had some stickers to put on the holder pages themselves. The ones used on the front and inside pages was some I had stashed away. I finished it off with ribbon attached to all three rings. Now I am off to make 14 treat bags, and a bunch of cupcakes. I made a banner also that I will share tomorrow morning. Thanks for spending some time on my blog today.


Anonymous said...

what a great ideal, Madison will cherish this for a long time. the pictures look fine to me. Sorry about the computer. Aren't grandchildren wonderful.*

Robyn said...

Madison's going to LOVE the gift you made her! It came out beautiful!

mugsy said...

now that is very cute !! and a perfect gift

Carolyn King said...

what a great gift!!! I am sure she will treasure it. Sorry about the computer (been there! no fun!)