Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Above the clouds.

My mother lives about 30 miles from me. In that 30 mile distance you you climb in elevation over 2100 feet. We live at about 1160 ft and her at about 3266 ft above sea level. The road we travel is part of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountain Range. On the way home, it was dusk dark, and was just after a heavy rain, we could see the clouds laying in valleys below us, with the blue mountain peaks peeping out from behind them. Then after arriving closer home we drove through these same clouds that we had see earlier. It was the most beautiful picture.

I did do a little paper crafting this past weekend. On Sunday August 2, Elizabeth celebrated her birthday. I was wanting to make her a little desk set, but swayed from my original ideals in the end. I found the pink, 16 month desk calendar, and decided to start with that. I printed several pictures of things that symbolized certain days in August, and put them on the corresponding days. On the corners I added her initials on the left and a little prima flower on the right. I found some DP paper that matched the pink on the calendar and covered 2 chipboard coasters, front and back. I painted the edges with a sharpie marker, then cut 2 holes in the top of both of the covered coasters. Then used two rings to connect the two. On the inside, I added a little pocket, that would accommodate a little 3 x 3 sticky pad. I finished it off, by adding a little tied piece of ribbon at the top. I made a paper weight using the same DP as on the memo pad holder and put her initials on the bottom, but forgot to take a picture. The last little thing was to print off a picture of her and her husband of 41 years and adhere it to a little frame. Even if it wasn't what I envisioned at the beginning, she seemed to like it, it is a gift she can use at least 16 months.

Thanks for visiting. I really enjoy it when you do.


karen said...

Welcome back "sister" we have missed you.

Robyn said...

Sure wish you had your camera with you as you were driving through the mountain range for us 'Northerners' to catch a glimpse! Sounds breath-taking!
I love the gift you made for your friend! Everything looks so cheerful!

Anonymous said...

I to wish you had taken a picture. We live in the most beautiful part of the country, aren't we the lucky one's. your gift is outstanding. Glad you are back.*

Anonymous said...

I to wish you had taken a picture

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Pat said...

I can close my eyes and see those "smokey mountains" - how much I miss that sight!! Really hoping to visit sometime this fall - I so need a trip back to the mountains!

Butternut Sage Designs said...

Hey there blog the picture you painted about the mountains and the clouds was so real I could just imagine them myself. Thanks :)

You did a great job on the gift too!