Friday, August 21, 2009

Sunshine, Chocolate, & Miss Flossie Mae

Oh me are you as excited that it is the weekend as I am. I really need some quiet time. Seems like the last 2 weeks has really been full, which is also a good thing, just a tiring thing. Pat's challenge this week was to be inspired by our favorite candy. I have ran this one over and over in my mind all week. Of course Robyn, my favorite is also M&M's. How could it be anything else. But I did have to choose between two. As a child growing up, Cotton Candy was my favorite. We just got it 2 times a year. That was in the Spring and Fall. That was when the traveling carnival came to town. Well it really didn't come to our town, but to where I live now. About 30 miles away. I couldn't wait to get to buy that.

Honestly, I didn't copy Robyn, we both just happen to have the same inspiration, M & M's, the peanut kind of course. I made this card for my Mom, since she has been a little under the weather. (Thanks for all the prayers). I used the major colors of the package, brown and yellow. I used the Cricut cartridge, George and Basic Shapes, to cut my yellow flowers, in graduated sizes. I rolled the tips of all of them with a pencil, adhered the layers together, then used little buttons, trying to use the same colors of M&M's that are found in the package. The little rub-on, You are My Sunshine, is one that I found laying on my desk. This challenge was simple quick and fun. Thanks Pat.

And to finish up, I will treat you with a couple of pictures of Miss Flossie Mae, that Allan happened to take tonight. She just loves to help me with my organization skills, as you can see in the 2nd picture. Since she was an orphan kitten, we don't really have her date of birth, so we will celebrate it on Aug. 27th. That is the day of 2008, that I brought home under the hood of my car. Yep she will be officially a member of our family for 1 whole year. She has grown so much. She isn't as loving as I would like for her to be. She definitely isn't a lap cat, except when she wants to be scratched. She has a persnickety personality. Have a good weekend, and remember to eat lots and lots of your favorite candy. Some of you might already know about the Mars Candy web site, that gives away free candy bars, but here it is for those of you that don't know about it. I got this coupon just today.


Anonymous said...

M&M's how could you go wrong there especialy with peanuts. great card and that Flossie Mae is one good looking cat and a lucky one to have chosen you. Glad your Mom is doing better.*

Robyn said...

I love how you designed the flower on your card, especially the buttons in the center! That's so funny how we picked the same candy!
Flossie Mae is so adorable!

Pat said...

Love the card!! Guess I have to admit M&Ms are my second favorite candies, plain ones though, not peanut. Flossie Mae is so cute!!

Corina said...

aw, Miss Flossie Mae is SUCH a cutie!! Fabulous card.. the graduating flowers kinda remind me of the fluffiness of cotton candy. :D

mugsy said...

great colors and clever use of buttons

great card !!