Thursday, December 17, 2009

Blue Cupcakes

Well you can see the above picture isnt blue cupcakes, but are some snowmen I made with little powdered sugar donuts, candy corn and mini chocolate chips. The kids just giggled.
These are some of the things I put in the treat bags. I put cotton candy in little bags, then made a topper that said "Let it Snow" The other little baggie says, "Let's build a Snowman" It has instructions to color, cut and glue them together.

The snowflake stamped treat bags.

Madison, the older sister, after helping me set the table up.

Natalie blowing out her candles on the blue cupcake.
Natalie with her Dad & Sister, showing off her banner.

Our dear dear little granddaughter turned 4 yesterday. when I arrived at her house, she told me that she would never, never be 3 again, that she was 4. She had told me earlier that all she wanted was blue cupcakes, so that is what she got. Blue Cupcakes. I hope you enjoyed the party. ;)


karen said...

Happy Birthday to Natalie...but where's the pic of after the cupcakes were eaten!!!

Anonymous said...

I know the kids had a ball. I can see your talent in every picture. Natalie is a lucky granddaughter.*

Robyn said...

Happy Birthday, Natalie!
Shelia, you always do such a wonderful job and make every event special and memorable! Love the cupcakes! Love the banner! Love the goodie bags!
The girls are beautiful!

Butternut Sage Designs said...

oh my goodness she looks just like you so sweet!!!! Awesome post and pics Shelia!!!!