Friday, December 11, 2009

Well Robyn took my title!!!!!

I had it all planned out to use TGIF as the title for my blog tonight, but Ms. Robyn got to it before me. Imagine that *wink* But like her, this week has been a busy one indeed for me too. But I still have tomorrow to conquer, before relaxing Sunday. Saturday will be a sad day, as I will attend the funeral service of a dear older friend, in the afternoon. But as the day begins to wind down, will attend an annual Christmas Party at the home of a special friend, Carolyn. Remember she is the one that made that decadent cake for Allan and I for our anniversary back in April. I always enjoy her home and parties so much. On to Pat's Saturday Night challenge. SHADES OF BLUE was the theme for this weeks card. Well I'm one not to always follow directions, so I made something else in shades of blue. Next week our youngest granddaughter will be 4. I made a banner for her sister's birthday back in August, and I do the same for each child. Luckily, Pat's challenged fit right in with my plans for Nat's banner. Since her's is a winter birthday and she emphatically reminded me she wants BLUE cupcakes, I decided to use a snowman theme. I will show the rest of the party favors after her party on Wed. And if you go to Robyn's post, you will see that she even chose the same theme for her card. Honestly we have not even hardly corresponded this week. You know what they say about great minds. Heheehee


Robyn said...

OMGosh! We are becoming 2 peas in the same pod! LOL
I LOVE LOVE LOVE your banners! I need to start making them - do you use your cricut? If so, since I do not have one, maybe you can share the dimensions?
The paper that you used for Natalie's name is gorgeous! Love how you scattered the snowmen and snowflakes! Natalies face will light up with joy when she sees it!

Robyn said...

Oh, I forgot -- such pretty china!

wendyp said...

how CUTE!!! I want to try making a banner now! Love the snowman decorating the banner!