Friday, May 14, 2010

Flower, Southern Breezes and RAKS

This is a picture of one of the newest flowers to open in my garden today. Isn't it beautiful.
RAK's how much they mean to people. I am going to have to start doing better and do more of them myself. I have a friend whom I have never met, but has sent me a beautiful hand crafted card, every week since my son ,Scott died. Now I have to admit that I have never been that kind to anyone. Her gifts of love has taught me a valuable lesson. Her RAKS brings a smile to my often sad face when I open up my mailbox. Thank you Pam (Mugsy Creates) You are definitely one of a kind. And her creations are divine. Plus, she remembers I love purple and flowers. Please go visit her blog, she has such inspiration to share.

Now on to Pat's weekly challenge. It was a recipe. We were to have 3 layers circles, and like images on them. It is that time of year again, when Mom's vacation is over and the kids get out of school. ( I wished I could go back to that time in my life). So I chose to make a T/Y card for a teacher. I know teachers are probably absolutely tired of apples, apples, apples but I did a card with them on it anyway. ;) And yes I know pink and red doesn't go together, but honestly (and Flossie Mae is a witness for me) it looks that color in the picture only. I have a green and red dotted bottom layer, a red middle layer, and a green top layer. I used my Cricut to cut the little circles and the little apples. I used a Thanks sticker, distressed the circles a little glued down the apples, drew on the leaves, added a red ribbon, and popped the circles on with fat glue dots.


mugsy said...

love it...and i love sending you pretties

Anonymous said...

beautiful flower and an outstanding card. you sure are talented*

wendyp said...

love those little apples!!! This is adorable!!!

Butternut Sage Designs said...

oh the simplicity and crisp colors of this card are just delightful! I love it and that lily is are just that little bit ahead of us in nature, I was out looking at my iris buds this morning and can't wait for them to pop, but then it will be a whole year before I can appreciate them again! You are sounding great btw, missy! I am so glad you have lots of friends to make the world a little softer. Hugs~Donna