Sunday, May 23, 2010

Me and Mine

Today's post is nothing to do with paper, ribbons, embellies or the sort. I just wanted to share a few pictures of pictures of the things around my yard. The others were taken on my granddaughter's 21st birthday, back on the 3rd of May. Enjoy!!!
I always try to grow some nasturtiums because my mother always did when I was growing up.

Miss Flossie Mae just had to get in the above photo

The North 40 Feet that is (wink)

The first picture is of Amber my oldest Granddaughter on her 21st birthday, with the middle granddaughter, Madison. The second is of Amber and the youngest Granddaughter, Natalie.

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Anonymous said...

What a nice way to start Monday morning, viewing the things you enjoy so much and your granddaughters are beautiful. I know you are proud of them. Thanks for sharing.