Sunday, March 30, 2008

Heather's One Little Spark

Heather's challenge this week was: Make a card with a raised, dimensional element!

Well here is my take on life: Shoes & Friends..You can never have too many. I used the little foam dots to make the shoe stand out from the card. Pat does this card remind you of a special pair of shoes you might have purchased *wink *wink.

I hope everyone has enjoyed there weekend. My husband and I drove about an hour to a little town named "Mayberry" today. Yes, from "The Andy Griffin Show" They have a statue of him and Opie going fishing. But we went for the FOOD. We ate at Goober's resturant. They have the best homemade hamburger. It is so large, we just get one and half it. It was still too much for me with the french fries and the special drink I had. A RC float. They served it in the stainless steel container, so it had ice crystals all over it. What a treat for me.


Anonymous said...

What novel way to discribe Shelia, Friends & shoes, for I know friends are 1st.*

wanda said...

You should try their "pork chop" sandwiches also. They are a treat!!! Loved the shoe. Looks professional!!

Pat said...

I love those shoes - and the card :) We NEED to get us a pair! DH and I spent a day in Mayberry a few years back and had so much fun roaming around.

Heather said...

Very cute! Thanks for "sharing your spark!" =)