Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I think this shrub is a beauty when it is in full bloom like it is now. It is an older shrub, that has been here at my house for at least 22 years. But it is a lot older then that. My house is over 80 years old, and I am fortunate to still have the old heirloom bushes and plants, that the original owners planted when they built the house. I did lose my Lilac bush last year, because of the drought. I loved that one, it smelled so much sweeter and stronger, then the ones now do. I do so love these old timey bushes and shrubs. But I have a problem I have no ideal what the name of this white blooming shrub is. Can anyone help me?
This next picture is of a Sweet Bubby Bush. If you have never smelled the blooms of this, then you are in for a wonderful surprise. This is also known as Carolina Allspice. My grandmother said that she would pick the blooms and put them in a handkerchief or up the sleeve of her blouse.


Karen said...

You always have had a beautiful yard. The first bush I first thought "babies breath" but no. The "bubby" I remember one behind mom and dad's house. One day it just sprang up and smelt like good ole fashion apple pie. Mom said that the birds like to pluk the blooms and they will drop seeds and the next thing you know bushes are sprout everywhere. I wish I had your green thumb

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful bush, we had 2 years ago when i was growing up, but I have no ideal the name. Your flowers across the front of your house sure are pretty.*

Anonymous said...

You always have had a beautiful ya

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