Monday, April 6, 2009

Can't take the credit

If you ever read the comment section of my blog, you will see the name Karen pop up all the time. Karen is a very faithful follower. And she is so nice to always leave a comment. Karen stood up with me at my little marriage ceremony years ago. Her daughter Alexia and my granddaughter are just a few months different in age. So you can tell she is much younger then me. Karen finally took the leap. She bought a scrapbook kit. She told me the name, and I have forgotten it, but this the result of being bit by the bug called "Scrap booking" She asked me to post this for her. Maybe I can talk her into a blog, also ;) She would love to hear your comments on this her first scrap page. Please critique it for her. You can leave her comments here on my blog for her. Thanks for doing this for her.

I love how she had Lexie sitting in the sand. You can tell by the date, that this beautiful little girl is now a beautiful young lady.


Karen said...

Thanks was sweet of you to do this for me. I bought this kit 2 years ago at a child's book fair. It's "Lori Gardner Whismical 4 seasons" kit. The page I used already had the Mr. Sunshine and the bottom portion (sand, rope, etc..) I added the pale and sand castle along with the other stickers. You can't tell it, but the page is a sky blue. I hope when I get it finished, which I had planned for a graduation present (only have til June 10,) I'll bring it over to Shelia's house for her to "critque" it. You think I would have all the time in the world since I am not working, but motivation is the key I can't seem to find. Shelia I love you....thanks for a longtime friendship.

Robyn said...

Shelia- please tell Karen that she did an AWESOME job on her scrapbooking page! Her pictures really stand out! It's great that she put the year on it. How about where the pictures were taken? Also, tell her that there are no rules to scrapbooking (except using acid-free) so she should express HER creativity! It will make a very memorable graduation gift! Can't wait to see more pages! Nice job!

Heather "Hev" said...

Karen - this is awesome and a whole scrapbook of this quality will be treasured forever!!

Shelia - keep encouraging Karen to start that blog - people will love to see her work :)

Pat said...

Great layout, Karen!! Can't wait to see more of your work.

Anonymous said...

Thanks was sweet of you to do this for me

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