Saturday, April 5, 2008

Open House

Back a couple of months ago a friend and myself gave another friend a little housewarming. She took the pictures and I put them together in a book. This is just a couple of pages of the small little scrapbook we put together for her. Her home is beautiful and it shows off all her talents. We had a big group, but still way too much food. Why do we always have more then we need. I panic if I think the food will run out. Hope you like the pictures. Our Saturday here in NC is going to be rainy all day, but we desperately need the rain. It is the first day of Trout Season, and my husband, camped out in the rain last night, just so he could get in the streams first thing at the break of day. But for some odd reason, he doesn't understand my addiction, isn't that strange. I'll let you know tomorrow if we have trout to fry. Needless to say since he is away from the house, I get to play all day. Pat and Heather both have challenges for me to do. Guess the laundry and house cleaning will be put on the back burner. Yeah that sounds like a plan.


Anonymous said...

again you keep on amazing me with your talent, I look forward each day to see what you have come up with and what could be better than fishing :)*

wanda said...

So glad you have this blog. I'm learning about all your talents. will know who to turn to if I ever need any of this talents.

Pat said...

What a great book!!Very, very pretty. Have fun while your DH is fishing. Mine is gone to BG tonight so I have thewhole evening to "play: with goodies! :)