Monday, April 7, 2008

Pat's Saturday Night Challenge

Here is my LO for Pat's Saturday Challenge. After I had it completed and saw her example I realized I had really not followed all the rules. But it has a special meaning to me, so I am sharing it with everyone. Emily was my dear friend, who was brutally murdered on Dec. 29, 2005. In the spring of 06 I started her MEMORY GARDEN. I was blessed to even have some of her own flowers to replant in my garden. Emily loved flowers, Emily loved everything and everyone. Please click on her link and read about her and the reward that is offered located on the side bar. Also here is the link to a online memorial that I wrote after her death. Scroll down till you come to her nameI have many more flowers blooming now but Pat's challenge just asked for 3. Hope you enjoy the page, and please click on the links to read about mine and Pat's friend.


wanda said...

I knew her and liked her also. Wish I could have known her better but the memories I do have of her are that she was always smiling and upbeat. What a loss it must have been.

Anonymous said...

I never got to meet Emiley but through you I got to know her. she had to be something else. I had forgot about the garden what a great tribute to your friend.*

Pat said...

I knew Em for over 20 years and still miss her terribly, so this layout has a special meaning for me, too. Beautifully done, Shelia.