Sunday, September 7, 2008

Kittens & Flowers & Sunday Morning

Good Sunday morning to everyone. I hope every one on the East coast has come through the storm, without much damage.
Yesterday, I spent the day cleaning, and also got visits from my older grand daughter and my younger sister. So you are assuming correctly, I did enjoy my Saturday.
I am sure you are thinking that there are other kittens in the world, and that I am carrying this picture taking a little to far. But I thought I would show you the latest picture of the new kitten. I have gotten several e-mails, asking about her. She has grown longer in the last week and 1/2. I hate to see her growing up so fast.
The next picture is of some "weeds" that a friend gave me about 2 years ago. That is what they called them, If they are weeds, they are the prettiest weeds I've have ever seen. They are perennials and multiply. I wish some of you could give me the name of them, as I have no ideal. The butterflies, hummingbirds and bees love them. That is what that black thing is- a large bumblebee.
The next picture is of some marigolds, and I know everyone grows marigolds. These are special. My DH's Mother passed away in Jan. of 2000. Just this past summer a little brown lunch bag was given to me. On the front was written marigolds. It was my MIL's handwriting. She had been sick several years before her death and had not had any flower beds. So these seeds are over 15 years old. I was so excited to see them bloom. I am gathering all the seeds to give to the other family members. That way she will live on through these flowers.
Just a post note - Flossie Mae is now in time out. (Laundry Room) I had a antique lace tablecloth on my dining room table, it and the vase of flowers just landed in a chair. Hurricane Hanna had already passed by NC, so the perpetrator had to be Ms. Flossie. *wink*wink*


Anonymous said...

Flossie Mae just gets prettier and pretttier. I too have some of the weed flowers and don't know the name. I hope some one out there has the answer to their name. They are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your Sat.*

Pat said...

Flossie Mae is getting prettier and prettier by the day!! Such a sweetie. I'm sure the mishap with the tablecloth was hurricane Hannah and not Flossie - such a sweetheart would never think of doing such a thing!! **wink, wink**

Nan said...

Flossie Mae is adorable and I just love her name. I love cats and kittens. I wish they'd stay kittens longer too. I have 5 fur babies. Yesterday I met a lady in the grocery store when I was buying cat food and she asked how do you have & I said sheepishly 5 and she laughed and said well I have ten!!! Be warned cats are addicting.