Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pat's Saturday Night Challenge

Pat's Challenge
"Tonight we are going to do a layout using the masking technique.
A mask is the opposite of a stencil. Masks you buy are usually made from a flexible material has a lightly tacky backing so it will hold its placement as you paint or ink around it to create a unique background."

After reading that, I thought well I don't have a mask and don't even know how to begin. I kept reading over it again and again. I had no ideal what to make.
I had to go to Walmart to get some prescriptions, and passed this counter that had foam pumpkins and everything a kid would need to decorate them with, So, I purchased those for the grand girls. When I was unpacking all my bags, I thought well why not try one of them. I have been eying over and over this picture on my desk that was taken years ago of my oldest son's first Halloween.
I took a cream colored piece of card stock, and just laid the foam pumpkin down and sponged around it with bright orange. I moved it several times. I printed the pictures 2 times, and in one corner, I pasted a cutout of the same hat, that Scott had on in the picture. In the other corner was the jack-o-lantern that I cut out of the other picture. Thanks for looking. I enjoyed this challenge, I finally got to use those old snapshots. Notice the furniture, and the carpet, you will be able to just about guess what year it was. Yes, I admit, I had gold shag carpet, along with Coppertone appliances. Oh, those were the happy years.


Anonymous said...

Yes I remember shag carpet and coppertone appliances and those were happy times. Good job on the challenge. Halloween is always a special time its my youngest son birthday.*

wanda said...

I had the green appliances!!!

PAT said...

How cute!! And, yes, I had the gold shag carpet and gold appliances!! Don't miss either!

NoraAnne said...

so cute, good use of the pumpkins!
We had the same carpet and appliances too :)

Emily said...

I love the journaling on the masked pumpkin! Yoink, I'm gonna use it this year on a halloweeny thing. Thanks for the inspiration.

Jen D. said...

We had orange shag carpet!
Love the pumpkin mask and how you did the journaling card.