Friday, September 5, 2008

A very special gift.

Yesterday I received a very special gift from someone that I do not know, but because of my special friend Janet, I received it. Most of you are aware of mine and Pat's friend, Emily, that was murdered December 05. Janet at the time was my neighbor, and she listened and understood the loss that I had. This murder devastated the little NC town that we live in. Her death brought out the worst and best of all of it's inhabitants. It divided communities, and friends, and churches. Janet, moved to Ohio, and we still remain close through emails. She had divided her daylilys and shared with me. I put them in Emily's memory garden which you can visit here:

A friend of Janet's is the owner of Poplar Creek Perennials, in Baltimore, Ohio Mr. Dick Henley very generously sent me the "Rose Emily" daylily for my garden.

The picture shows, the daylily in full bloom. It will bloom mid-summer next year. I am already wishing for winter to be over, and fall has not officially gotten here yet. Please visit Mr. Henley's web page, and view some pictures of his beautiful daylilys, also let him know what a nice gesture he and Janet made. It will help me to always keep Emily's memory alive for all who visit my home.
Thank you Mr. Henley


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful flower and a great way to honor the memory of Emily's life. I hope they do great. Don't forget to send pictures next summer.Thanks for sharing*

Pat said...

Sucha wonderful gift! It reminds me Emily - she would like this.