Thursday, December 11, 2008

Chuckle & Challenge

I had to chuckle at myself. I went to post here, and when I went to sign on, I couldn't remember my password. I didn't think it had been that long since I posted. But maybe it has.
Pat made everyone happy this week according to the comments to her Saturday night challenge. We were to make a birthday card. We all commented that we had Dec. birthdays, so this one came in handy. A couple of weeks ago Robyn used a transparency to print her family's photo on and then put it on a flameless candle. We talked about transparencies and she explained how easy it was to work with. So I picked up a pkg of the transparencies. I have had my Cricut for quite awhile, and I have let it intimidate me also. So I used Pat's challenge to work with both these things.
This 1st photo is of the front of the card. I used the Cricut to cut out the cupcake and the numeral 3. I placed it on the green dot paper and then adhered that to the blue. I then put those layers on the front of the card
This is the inside of the card. I placed another blue piece of solid paper on the left hand side. I will write Natalie a personal note on that. It covers up the glue dots on the back side of the front. On the right hand side of the inside I glued a piece of pink scalloped card stock and placed the Happy Birthday sticker up high enough that when the card is closed the Happy Birthday shows through to the front. I will let my husband write a note to Nat on that side. Well I can not get the text between the two pictures so I will explain the last picture here. :( On the back of the card, I just added some more stickers to cover up the glue dots . Then I added the pink ribbon to the side and it is complete. Don't forget to go to Robyn's blog and look at all the "pretties" she has created. Thanks for letting me share.


Anonymous said...

thats the first sign of something when you can't remember but I can't remember what it is. This will be a keepsake for Nat. a beautiful job.*

Robyn said...

Ah, to be 3 again, when life's toughest decision is whether to watch 'Barney' or 'Dora'! LOL
So, I guess now I have to go out and buy a cricut, just to keep up with the competition? *wink* (I actually have my eye on the new slice.)
I love the color choice and paper selection! So cheerful! See, transparencies are so easy to work with!

Jamie Martin said...

Hi Shelia, glad to know I'm not the only one that forgets my pass words! Your card is super cute :)

Pat said...

Super cute card!

Ginger said...

love your card

Nan said...

Love your card. A nice big cupcake with a heap of frosting---YUMMY!!!!!!! The colors are great for a litle girl. I think she'll love it. I hope Big Shot has a cupcake die. My niece will be 3 in July and I'd like to make her a card like yours.

Anonymous said...

This will be a keepsake for Nat. a beautiful job.*

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