Friday, December 26, 2008

Saturday Challenge & Other Ramblings

Whew! It's over. Now just just think it is another 364 days till Christmas. Better get started on those next years gifts. That way you won't have to sit up past 12 in the morning for two days before Christmas. Yes that is what I did. Awhile back I showed you the beginnings of a Birthday book that I was making for my Mother. I think I had 2 or 3 pages completed. I'm sure you all know how many months in a year, and how many birthdays can occur in that period of time. I procrastinated and it bit me back. I had to find the pictures of whomever birthday it was, reprint a copy of it, then arrange it on the opposite page of that month. In between the month pages were blank pages, that I filled with Family pictures. My Mother is having some problems with memory loss, so I thought this would help. But, I should not have waited till the last minute. I hope this entry qualifies for Pat's challenge. This double layout page( and many more) was made for the album after Pat posted the challenge. The album contains 8 x 8 pages, is spiral bound, and has pockets on the opposite page of each month of the year page. So I had to make sure that I did not hinder the ability to store cards in the pockets, by gluing the pictures on at the wrong place. I also made her cards to keep in the pockets, so she wouldn't have to worry about always having one on hand to send out. (I forgot to put them in the pockets so I had to wrap them separate.) The first picture will be my entry for the challenge. The second, is a picture of how I recovered the original blah looking album front (I forgot to take a before picture). The third picture is he picture of the inside of the back cover. My grand-daughter will kill me for this one. *wink*. Thank you for looking.


Pat said...

Your grand-daughter may not be happy about the picture, but it's really cute! Great memory book for your Mom.

Robyn said...

What a special gift that came from the heart! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Now that is a gift! better than any thing that could have been bought. Outstanding job, would love to have seen the whole thing.*

Jamie Martin said...

Hi Shelia, hope you had a nice Christmas!
I love your birthday book, it is such a wonderful idea, your mom will love it!
Have a happy and safe New Year, I can't wait to see all of the wonderful things you will make in 2009 :)

Anonymous said...

What a special gift that came from the heart! I love it!

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