Monday, December 1, 2008

It is Back to Work For ME

Well it is back to work for me today. I was blessed with a 4 day weekend. Boy did I need it. I have cleaned and made cards, and cleaned some more, and ate, and made more cards, and ate some more, and made a couple of Christmas Stocking Stuffers, and on and on.

The day after Thanksgiving was my older sister Rita's birthday. Here is the card and gift box I made for her. I posted the necklace earlier, I think, that I made for her present, but will post it again. She likes Dragonflies, so I chose that for the theme of her gift and card. Thanks for looking and Happy Monday to everyone.

The dragonfly was orginally on a key chain. I moved it to a longer chain and used the little blings that they us on manicures to add some color to it. Sorry about the quality of the pictures. My camera is very old.


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a long weekend, Its tough going back to work. Rita has to love this especialy coming from you. It is beautiful.*

Pat said...

Glad you had time to play this weekend! Too bad you didn't get to eat more often *wink* The necklace and card are both beautiful!

Robyn said...

The card and necklace are beautiful! I'm sure your sister loved receiving it.

Anonymous said...

Rita has to love this especialy coming from you. It is beautiful.

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