Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Getting ready for Christmas

A couple of post back I did a spin off of Robyn's coupon organizer. Here are two more little items to go in the set, that I am sending to a friend. Now I have come up with something for presentation of all 3 items together. We did get some snow and sleet on Monday, but the ground was to wet and warm for any accumulation. But the flakes at times were so big and pretty.
The first photo is the Christmas Planner that I showed earlier. The next two are holders for little tea bags and hot cocoa.

The reason I showed you the bottom of the cocoa holder was becuse of the ribbon that is holding the cocoa pkg in. When you untie the ribbon and pull it out, the pkg of cocoa comes out with it. I know the picture is bad. but I didn't know any other way to show it to you. It's way to early to even be thinking let alone posting :) so if there is a lot of errors, please excuse me.


Anonymous said...

Hot cocoa on a morning like this, its 22 here, would hit the spot. great ideal.*

Pat said...

Such a super cute idea!

Anonymous said...

Such a super cute idea!

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