Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Birthday, Emily

Today would have been Emily's 52th Birthday. Her young life was cut short, when, in December of 2005, she was murdered. Her murderer still has not been apprehended. Here is the website that tells more about the murder .

There is a Virtual Memorial Garden online, also, this was my memorial to Emily:

Emily G. Anderson 8 Jul 1956- Dec 05
This is in memory of my very special friend Emily.
Emily went missing on December 29, 2005. Her body found on Jan. 7, 2006. But we are not sure of the actual date of her death. She had been shot multiple times.
Unfortunately, I only had her in my life for 5 years. But feel tremendously blessed with those years.
Those of us that Emily left behind will find it hard to meet another someone who will touch our lives in the way that she did. She loved everyone, for what she saw in them, and made us feel as if she was honored to be in our presence. When she walked in to the room, it would light up, just from her smile, she wouldn't have to speak, her smile is all you needed. She always put you first, always making you feel special. Bette Midler's song "Wind Beneath My Wings" describes the kind of person she was.
Her values were evident for all to see. She valued faith in the Lord, and loyalty to her family and friends. Emily loved to sing in the choir at her church.
Emily's legacy was not riches, possessions, or worldly goods of any kind. It is the way she lived and loved, the lives she touched, the promises she kept. Her legacy is the kind of friend she was.
I miss you Emily, and you now are the victor,not the victim. You are home, and your search is over.
Emily was also Pat's friend for over 20 years. Emily's death brought forth new friendships for me. Pat and Emily's sister Dee. These two will always keep Em's memory alive for me. Emily would approve so whole heartily of our friendship. It is a wish she had from the beginning.
I have been working on Emily's Memory garden at my house for 2 years now. It will always be an ongoing project. Here are some of the garden flowers that are in bloom now.


wanda said...

Beautiful garden to honor Emily with. She was truly a unique person. Almost everyone loved her. She is missed greatly.

Anonymous said...

What a great tribute to Emily, and what a great friend you were for her. I feel honored to have you for my friend. the garden is beautiful.*

Bec-Bec said...

Beautiful words from a true friend. Emily was blessed to have had you in her life.

Pat said...

Beautiful words and flowers for a beautiful person, inside and out. She will love the garden you've made for her.

karen c. said...

The "Emily Garden" is beautiful..Memories are what makes that garden grow like it is.