Monday, November 10, 2008

Bradley's Birthday Card

Yesterday was my next door neighbor's son's 21st Birthday Party. He has lived next door to me since he was 3 years old. I have had the pleasure of watching him grown into such a wonderful young man. And his wonderful parents get most of the credit for that. I have been blessed with wonderful neighbors. I knew I needed a masculine 21st birthday card, but I could not figure one out. Men cards get the best of me. Bradley is in college and big into sports, likes snow skiing, but still I had no ideal. But then I got a automatic update from Julie and she gave me the solution to what kind of card to make, but still no ideals on the sentiment and such. But here is what I finally came up with. It is a card-a-lope. It makes a super pocket to put gift cards in. I slipped a card for gas in his. What 21 year old don't need gas? He thanked me, and said it was a nice card. He even recognized the fact I had hand made it. He's such a good boy *wink*
I am also going to show some of the pictures taken at his party. Make sure to look at his cake :)

Now you see, I didn't misspell ONE, I was leaving the space for the balloon. It was a fun card to make, and I will probably make quite a few for gift cards for Christmas. Now here is the birthday cake, and Bradley is the one on the left on my sidewalk steps. The other one is his best friend who lives across the street. They played on my steps under the big tree, when they were little. I still can find army men and action figures, even 15 years later when I am planting flowers


Anonymous said...

Now thats a birthday cake!! oh to be 21 one again. liked your card, I know he enjoyed the whole thing.*

Pat said...

Fun card! How did the cake taste *wink*

karen said...

What a "do-do" of a cake...which part did Allan eat *double wink*

Anonymous said...

know he enjoyed the whole thing.*

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