Monday, November 24, 2008

Pat's Challenge

I know Pat gave us extra two days to turn our challenges in, but I got to work on it this weekend. I like to do that when possible, because a lot of times after working, I am so zonked out, I can't be very creative.
Here are the rules for this weeks challenge:

"A few days ago Robyn posted her version of a previous Challenge entry by Shelia. I loved it and thought that was such a neat idea! So tonight's challenge is to pick a previous submission to one of the Saturday Night Challenges and rework it to your own style. Fun, huh?"

Back in October, when Pat had her Grand Opening, I did the challenge for her. Robyn submitted this wonderful organizer for grocery coupons. I turned her ideal into a Christmas Planner. This will be a early Christmas present for a friend. I will try to get it in the mail this week so she can use it the next couple of weeks. Thanks Pat for the challenge and Robyn for the inspiration.

Robyn used the tops of little lunch sacks to make pockets for her grocery coupons. I followed her lead but used white bags instead. I also covered the front of each little sack, to dress them up, and make them a little sturdier. The snowflakes I punched out of vellum, then just added some glitter for sparkle. I made 4 compartments. One for receipts, one for the list, to do, and one for people's sizes. I went overboard with the snowflake theme, but it was easier then getting up and finding other stuff. I used my cricut to cut the book plate that framed "Christmas Planner". I fastened the pockets to the cover with the snowflake brads. I used ribbon to cover the back of the brads on the back of the holder and added the ribbon also to the raw edge where the top tucks down to close it. I added some colored paper clips to a couple of the pockets for easy access.


Robyn said...

I love it, Shelia! The papers and colors are so festive and cheery! It's a great idea, too, because I usually end up stuffing all that info into my purse and eventually some of it gets lost - ugh!
PS- I guess by using all the snowflakes you're hoping for some SNOW? ;o) Me,too!

Anonymous said...

Great job, I can never get organize for Christmas or any thing else for that matter. You put me to shame. Your friend will love this.*

Heather "Hev" said...

That is a fabulous idea :)

After tonight I have 7 weeks off (bliss) and hope to do more crafting - LOVE this idea!!!

Great work Shelia :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE this idea!!!

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