Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Morning After

The Election that is!
Pat's Challenge this week is to make a gift tag. I made 2 different ones. One for the children's presents, and the other a more masculine one. Considering we have 5 sons, I thought that it would be appropriate. *wink* Sounds like the women will just get a shopping bag with their names on it, doesn't it?
This first picture is a tag I made for the little grand-daughter's presents. I saw this Santa on a children's web site last year, and it has been in the back of my brain all year, trying to get out. You can't tell with the quality of the pictures that were taken, but the red part of Santa's hat has flocking on it. It is basically just 4 little pieces, the white beard piece, the pink cheeks, the red hat, and the white band and ball of the hat. I just used a hole punch for the eyes and nose. On the back of it is a space for the name of the recipient. The beard was curled up tighter when I first made it, but had relaxed by the time the pictures were made.

The next set of pictures is of the masculine tag I made. I will probably just use the brown shipping paper to wrap the men's gifts in this year. It will be more a naturalistic theme. I used the rectangular nestabilities for the top and bottom layers. The ribbon is made by American Crafts, Seasons, collection. The rub-on is from American Traditional Designs. I'll also be using some of the rub-ons on my Christmas cards. That is number one on my to do list this weekend. That and to get some gifts made. Again on these bad photos you can see in the second one, that underneath the top layer is the To and From area. Thanks Pat for at least getting me started a little on my Christmas To Do list.


Anonymous said...

Two great tags, how do you have the time to work and then look after Allan and come up with all the wonderful ideals that you do. You are amazing.*

NoraAnne said...

Love your tags! So cute :)

Robyn said...

The Santa tag is adorable!
I really like the masculine tag - I always have a hard time creating something not too 'girly'!

Anonymous said...

Love your tags!

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