Sunday, June 7, 2009

Birthday and More Birthdays

June is like February, lots and lots of birthdays.

I have two special people celebrating today. The first one is for Wanda, if you ever read the comments to my post you will recognize her name from there. She faithfully checks my blog everyday, and then leaves a remark. This card I made for her, (which will be in mail real soon) my husband said was his favorite of all the cards I've made. He liked the bright colors that I used. Hope you have the most special birthday Wanda, Thanks again for supporting me in my creative ventures.

The second birthday for today is my Mother. She has been a follower of mine since day one of my life. Thanks Mom, for always believing in me. She is 86 today, and with failing health. I am having a birthday cookout for her today at my house. My siblings will all come too. So, Happy Birthday Mom.


Karen said...

I agree with Allan on Wanda's the country style feel about it. Your mom's card, as beautiful as she is...wish her HB for us.

wanda said...

You must have known that ladybugs are one of my favorite bugs!!! Thanks so much for my beautiful card. I will treasure it always!!!

Anonymous said...

two beautiful cards for 2 special people in your life. happy birthday to both. You do know how to create. outstanding.*

Robyn said...

I LOVE the 2 cards!
The card you made for Wanda ("Happy Birthday, Wanda!") is so cheerful! The colors are great, and I love the layout of it. The ladybug ribbon is adorable!
Your mom's card is so soft and elegant. Wish her a happy birthday for me!

wanda said...

You also knew I liked purple and red together, didn't you?

Pat said...

Both cards are beautiful!! Happy Birthday to your Mom and Wanda!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Allan on Wanda's the country style feel about it

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