Friday, June 27, 2008

Almost 1:00 AM

Yes, like I said it is already Saturday at my house, maybe I won't even go to bed. But, I do have a full day planned today. My sister, Valda, is coming down this morning around 9 and have we the work to do. My other sister, Rita, will be celebrating her 40th anniversary in July. Valda and I will be putting the invitations together, assembling the favors and we would love to get the program printed and folded. We need to make about 100 of everything. But, I have a dilemma, I can not decide which of these I think is best. Ruby, is the stone for the 40th anniversary, so we decided on the color scheme of ivory, black, and ruby. Can I have all of your input as to which you like the best. I sure would appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

I like the 1st black & white with the ruby ribbon just seems to me the most ellegant. But what do I know. they are all very pretty.*

karen c. said...

You have not made it easy to decide..they are all beautiful, but I agree with "anonymous", the
1st one is the one I would chose. Its simple, readable, yet very elegant and yes the Ruby is just the right side and not tacky looking, put the extra touch on the card.

Pat said...

Looks like everyone so far is in agreement with #1. Did you get all 100 printed and assembled today?